Sunday, November 8, 2009

Losing Control

As I type, I'm still wearing my newly-thrifted Golden Sandals even though it's Sunday evening & I'm alone wearing freshly bought from the Girlswear Section of 'Best & Less', black harem pants & a black 'Bonds' singlet.
Sadly, I haven't got a picture of myself in the harem pants & now I wish I did. Perhaps you can visualise me in them. Of course they're not the 'I Dream of Jeannie' sort of harem pants. In fact, the more I look at them, the more they look like slightly oddly shaped sweat pants. Which is a bit of a bummer as I'm Not Fond of sweat pants. Even their Name turns my stomach.
If you look closely at the Golden Sandals, you can see the imprint of Another Person's Feet on them. But I'm determined not to let this mar my enjoyment. Instead, I'm focussing on the label that says, 'Filippo Raphael Made in Italy'.
I do soo love Italian Leather shoes, particularly when I pay twelve bucks for them at 'Bednobs Etc'. I must now have about twenty pairs. Someday soon, I'll photograph them all together like One Big Happy Italian Shoe Family, & you & I both can be impressed when I post the picture.
But perhaps you are the sort of person who can't possibly bear the idea of wearing someone else's shoes. I don't blame you, I'm almost that sort of person myself. But not quite.
Recently, I bought three pairs of 'Bruno Maglis' that had been donated by my ex-school principal, Miss Dew. For some perverse reason I can't stop wearing them, particularly a pair of beige suede loafers with a gold bar across the instep.
Clearly, I must have some unconscious urge to become a Headmistress.

Before we move on, do look at my Fresh Pedicure. I had it done this afternoon at my favourite salon, 'USA Nails'. I couldn't bear my Au Naturel Toenails a moment longer. Every time I looked down at them on the yoga mat, I was instantly reminded of my father's crusty old toenails just before he died when he was ninety three.
Have you noticed how I keep mentioning slightly Sick-Making things like sweat pants & old used shoes that other people have sweated in & now old dying men's toenails?
It's not My Fault. It's The Blog.
I will now try my best to wrench back control.

Here's another thing I did on the weekend.
I installed Xmas Lights. I'm thrilled. Never Before have I strayed into Lighting Territory for one of my Tableaux. Who knows where I'll go next? The sky's the limit.
Must go.
Time for 'Millionaire Matchmaker'.


Rebecca said...

I can't wait to meet the Happy Italian Shoe Family! And you've really outdone yourself in lighting the tableaux. You've set a standard for all of us to aspire to. The pedicure is an appropriate response to those beautiful sandals. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

"But perhaps you are the sort of person who can't possibly bear the idea of wearing someone else's shoes...I don't blame you. I'm almost that sort of person myself..."

So often you say things that resonate with me so fully and completely. This is me! I am sort of repulsed by buying shoes at the charity shops but when I see shoes that are beautiful or suit me then I quickly overcome my repulsion and I buy them and I relish them. And I just shrug off the notion that someone else's feet were in those shoes.

But I do wipe them out with anti-bacterial wipes.

I must buy a little journal and write down all the things that you say that "zing" me. I just love stopping by here.

Della Street Dreaming said...

I have just woken up & put the kettle on & of course checked in with my computer. What lovely comments to see first thing on a monday morning! Thank you, Rebecca & Zizzi - I'll just glide into the classroom shortly!

see you there! said...

You've discovered decorative electric lights? There will be no stopping you now.