Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Exit

Welcome to My Whiteboard World.
You may be wondering what I was attempting to teach today.
Existentialism for Little Children. Ever since my life has begun to resemble a a John-Paul Sartre play, I feel that I'm something of an Expert .
Note the Unmistakable Tone of Slight Grandiosity that is creeping into many of my blog entries of late? Last time I blamed the Prozac. But now I'm off it because it gave me migraines. And So I'm waiting until saturday when I can start My New Regime of another pill called maybe Effectsor or FXSor or perhaps Elixir that not only will restore my serotonin levels but also do something wonderful to my Dopamine & another long-named chemical as well. Goody Goody, I can't wait!
But I digress. Back to Sartre & Me.
The only play by Sartre that I am at all familiar with is an ultra irritating one called 'No Exit'. It's set in Hell, which is this large Neo-Classical room with red flock wallpaper, an ornate fireplace & some uncomfortable wing back chairs. What makes the room Hell is not just the decor. It's the people - about five or so of them who all mysteriously turn up in the room at more or less the same time . At first, none of them realises that they've all just freshly died & that they're going to spend the rest of eternity sitting in the room together arguing.
And that's Basically It.
Now, that's got Nothing Whatsoever to do with my Life, has it?
Good. I'm glad we've cleared that up.
Back to the whiteboard.
Note the Man Alone in the Universe is clearly French. They're always the ones that come up with Horrid Stuff that frightens the living daylights out of the rest of the world. Perhaps it's all the butter.

As I say in class, 'Let's Move On!'
Behold me standing in front of the Little Saucy French Man holding a baguette. Note I'm wearing my Golden Sandals. See how high the heel is? I almost killed myself tottering down to school in them this morning. I was absolutely determined to keep them on the whole day just like Sheila, the High Priestess of High Heels.
They lasted an hour. And then it was back to the beige suede loafers once owned by my ex-school Principal.
I just didn't have Time for the Pain.

Before I go, I just had to mention that I'm wearing a Vivienne Westwood for John Smedley knit. And a Kookai skirt. All from 'Bednobs Etc'. Total price for outfit including Golden Sandals: thirty bucks.
Now that's Grandiosity.


Rebecca said...

Grandiosity for sure! You certainly make existential philosophy more pleasant to contemplate. Besides the great skirt, I think the accessories are fabulous!

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Rebecca! Have a great hopefully Non-Existential Day!

zizzi said...

You look hot in that outfit.

Too bad about the gold high heels. I feel your pain. I love high heels and wouldn't be caught dead without them but now my hips hurt almost every time I wear a pair. Of late I have been forced to wear sensible shoes. I'm constantly in search of some sort of orthopedic high heel. I'm off to America in a few weeks and perhaps I shall fine them there.