Thursday, November 5, 2009

If I'm Going to be Zen-Like, Everything is Fake, Isn't It?

Welcome Back!
Look Look Look at Me.
I'm wearing Sunglasses at Night.
And they're not Any Old sunglasses either.
They happen to be Tom Ford sunglasses perhaps from his new range.
There's absolutely no doubt that I am turning into a Label Whore.
It all started with Fake Bags. And then Real Bags. Not the ones under my eyes either. Although they do appear to be Real. But if I'm going to be a Zen Buddhist, everything is Fake, isn't it?

Anyway, back to Tom & Me. I think I'm wearing The James, or is it The Daniel?
All of Tom's new range are named after Men. You may be wondering who James & Daniel are.
James is James Bond & Daniel is Daniel Craig & I'm modelling the sunglasses that Daniel wore when he played James in the last movie of the franchise.
Clearly, Daniel Craig has got a much larger head than I have. Sadly, they make me look a little silly. Perhaps Bug-Like. But certainly Not Stick Insect which is my least favourite look.

Speaking of Men, look look look, below.
It's A Man!
Yes, I think that this is one of the first times since Mr Ex-Middleaged left that I have featured one, unless you count Little Wig-Wearing Karl Lagerfeld. But you couldn't possibly count him as he himself has declared that he doesn't have any human emotions. Lucky thing.
Meet Bernard.
Doesn't he look like he's just stepped off Teddy Kennedy III's yacht in Hyannisport?
And guess the name of the glasses he's modelling?
Yes, they're called Jack. After Jack Kennedy. They are supposed to be Exact Replicas of the ones that he famously wore. I thought for one wild moment that he may have been wearing them when he was shot, but I checked the Zapruder Film & he wasn't. What a relief because it would be just Too Creepy if he'd had them on that day in Dallas & now Tom was reviving them.
Although, Jackie was wearing that pink classic Chanel suit that was sadly splattered with blood & it didn't affect It's popularity. In fact, it probably added to it immensely.

You may or may not be wondering why we are modelling Tom Ford Sunglasses.
It's Tyler, my step-son's birthday v. soon. Ever since he was a small child he's been an admirer of Tom's style. So, I've selected The Jack for him. I think it's a wise choice.


Anna said...

yes everything is fake, i guess, but for your voice which is getting stronger and more diverting every time you post ... ax

see you there! said...

Picking out glasses is a hard task.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Anna. That's such a great thing to hear first thing in the morning. I will now plod down to school with a little spring to my step!

Darla - I'm going to Smiggle this afternoon.

Rebecca said...

I'll have to give more thought to my sunglasses. Right now I'm a struggling stay-at-home-early-old-ager. I've settled for ANY sunglasses that are big enough to fit over my regular eye-ware (that's right--OVER them) and that I can find at a very low thrift store price - preferably 50 cents. I've found a may have to be more discriminating and look for some Toms or Jacks.

Diana said...

I love sun glasses. But I can't wear them. My bifocals get darker on their own and if I didn't wear those I can't see!!!
But I used to wear them many years ago when I was cool.
Now my style is "Funky Grandma", or so I've been told!
I'll bet ya the grandson will love the glasses. Especially at night!
Love Di