Friday, November 20, 2009

Mary & The Three Wise Nurses

Look Closely.
Can you see that I've updated my V. Premature Xmas Decorations?
I was soo thrilled to find these Novelty Tins of chocolate chip cookies at my local supermarket, Woolworths Potts Point.
What could be more festive than a Small Gaggle of Helpful Nurses, I ask you? And a couple of V. Butch Grenadier Guards thrown in for good measure.
I think that I can confidently say that this particular Xmas Tableau is Complete & for me to continue to keep adding to it would be Gilding the Lily, which incidentally, was one of my Father's favourite sayings. He would always say it when discussing Oysters.
There was a time in the sixties, when every time I went to dinner with my parents at some restaurant, I would order Oysters Kilpatrick, which were grilled oysters lightly swimming in Worcestershire Sauce with Little Dainty Sprinklings of Bacon on top served back in their shells. I mainly ordered it to annoy my father. Without fail, Dad would say 'Eating oysters any other way than just with lemon is like gilding the lily'.
Now there's a story that really didn't go anywhere. But hey, it's friday night. And I'm All Storied Out.

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Diana said...

Yes I love what you did with Mary.Everyone can use a nurse or three every now and then. And no one should be without there own personal guard.
I have never heard of oysters Kilpatrick, but they sound very good!
Love Di