Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Human Muppet

The Human Muppet
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Tonight is Fashion Night on my TV Set.
First it was 'The Rachel Zoe Project'. This week Rachel & her hubby Rodger Rabbit & her assistant Little Butch Brad went to Fashion Week in Paris. They stayed in a big, swanky hotel, went to all the big shows, visited Coco Chanel's apartment, met Karl Lagerfeld & John Galliano & turned their collective noses up at eating snails which I thought was a shame because they looked quite tasty all perkily sitting up together in a little silver dish.
I was bored witless.
The only reason why I watch this show is to test myself to see if I feel envy. Or is it, envious? How would I know? I don't even know what A Dangling Participle is.
Do you think I'm envious of Rachel & her Devoted Hubby & all her stuff? Maybe Maybe Not.
After Rachel, it's The Fashion Show which is exactly the same as 'Project Runway' except it's got Isaac Mizraaahi in it.
So now both shows are over & it's getting Dangerously Close to My Official Bedtime.
But before I hit the sack where I'll be listening for a v. short while to Marianne Williamson telling me in her soft Southern American accent on my iPod that Yes, I Really Can Change, I must v. briefly have my own Fashion Moment.
Look Look Look at me.
Have you noticed that I'm looking more & more like A Human Muppet? Perhaps it's my freshly dyed & waxed eyebrows that's causing the resemblance. I'm not sure.
And look at my dress. It's Nothing Special. But look at it anyway. I wonder what Rachel would say? 'OMG.....OOC (out of control) perhaps.
I, of course bought it at 'Bednobs Etc' & have reason to think by the aged appearance of the label that it might be almost legitimately vintage.
Before I hop into bed. Happy Birthday Anna for tomorrow.


Anna said...

thank you suzi q ... xxxxx anna

Kasmira said...

Well I like the dress, no matter what Rachel Zoe would say.