Thursday, January 28, 2010

Black Bali Wardrobe

I can't decide if I'm Bristling with Rage or Frustration. Perhaps both.
There's also a Petite Soupcon of Sadness lingering in the background.
Don't you just love how seamlessly I can lapse in Franglais?
It's one of my Many Talents which one day I will list for you so you'll know.
But I digress.
For simply days, I have been unsuccessfully trying to upload a little movie that Jenny & I made in our Hotel Paradiso Room.
I just can't make it happen.
So I will just have to Let It Go. Along with my Youth, Beauty, Teeth & Hearing.
Yes, you heard it. Hearing. Jenny thinks that I'm losing my hearing because I'm always saying 'What?' or 'Pardon'. I hope & pray it's just because my Internal Voice is so loud that it drowns out Outside Voices.
Yes. Teeth too. I need possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Dental Work.

I'm still digressing.
This is supposed to be a Blog Post about my Black Bali Wardrobe (BBW). All completely thrifted from 'BednobsEtc' except for the sandals that were both bought at k-Mart.
I would like to think that my BBW worked like a Treat . And it all fitted into my Modest Carry On Bag which the Strict Woman at the Jetstar check-in counter insisted on weighing.
8.2 kilograms. Jenny's was 9.2 kilos. She never got over it. How come Excessive Me beat Minimalist Her by a kilo?
It was all in the Planning.

Look look look above at No. 1 Black Outfit, a lacy 'Zimmerman' dress that had a tiered effect that was not terribly slimming. I'm sitting on the imposing steps leading up to my impressive room at the Tchaumpuan Hotel in Ubud.
Sadly, because the black attracted the heat, my hair is soaked in sweat, a condition which persisted throughout my stay in Bali. A small price to pay for Blackness.

Black Outfit No 2: Top & skirt. Not much to say really. Except that I'm wearing my huge Chandelier black earrings that you can't see properly. And that I'm pretending to be standing in front of a temple but really it was some kind of homestay/accommodation in Ubud.
Jenny & I made a point of avoiding anything of Cultural Interest like Temple visits or Balinese Dancing Exhibitions. We just weren't in the mood. And besides, we did it before. Like thirty years before.
I found the sound of Multitudes of Incessant Bells accompanied by V. Loud Drums excessive. That is what I think they dance to.
And I don't want to do anything to worsen my hearing, do I?

Outfit No. 3: Bonds singlet & necklace of black flowers.
It's amazing what Mood Lighting in a restaurant can do. At least my right upper arm looks like its got some Definition. Sadly, the other arm doesn't.
That's me after a Mai Tai & a gin & tonic & a whole load of Mei Goreng at 'Casa Luna' restaurant in Ubud.
I felt Slightly Sick the next day.

Outfit No. 4: Black lace 'Zimmerman' dress with Laura Ashlesesque Overtones Straw Hat. Silver Bag that I later donated to Bali after I bought a couple of 'Designer' Bags.
This was the verandah outside my room in Ubud.

Lastly, here's the Whole Fleet of Clothes & accessories on the beautifully made bed with accompanying flower.

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Rebecca said...

I've read everything from the snail down. I'm not sure whether to move Bali up or down my "travel wish list"...

Since you've already given me such a pleasurable tour, I think I'll just use your Bali Packing Tips and apply them to my next venture. I have PLENTY of black in my wardrobe.

If you ever decide to be a tour host/guide, let me know. I'll be the first to sign up. It would be such a hoot!