Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carrying On About Carry On

I hope I'm not Lapsing in Smugness. But I just had to show you my Carry On Only Luggage that contained my Black Bali Wardrobe.
I just loved the fact that when I got off the plane I didn't have to stand there like a Mindless Martinet following the Baggage Carousel going round & round with everybody's suitcase on it but mine.
You know, some of the Worst Moments of Panic in my Life have been at Baggage Carousels. What was I thinking?
Would it have really mattered if my luggage never arrived?
I must hop into bed immediately & ponder these Important Questions as well as some other Important Ones. Like, do I know the difference between 'However' & 'Nevertheless'?
Do you?
I have Clean Sheets to look forward to. And I'm still reading the book in the photo. I love it. But I suffer from Snail Reading.

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see you there! said...

You did a great job packing. I know that book got rave reviews but I wasn't wild about it.