Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life in Numbered Points

1. This is going to be quick.
I have a bed to hop into & a book to read.
But I wanted to mention what I got for Christmas before it became Easter.
I DiD NoT get this Adorable Puppy that my Ex-Husband Gumby is holding & who is sitting rather unhygienically on my kitchen island, which in case you were wondering is made of some green stone that was popular during the Great Depression.

You also may be wondering if my ex-husband is the same as Mr. Ex-Middleaged. Sadly no.
Gumby is my daughter's dad. He is NOT Mr. Ex-Middleaged.
Gumby talks to me. And in fact stayed at my apartment with my daughter & I on Christmas nite.
Mr. Ex-Middleaged doesn't talk to me. The only contact I have with him is through my lawyer. I am v. sad about this. It's as if I'm living this part of my life in a Really Hateful & Hurtful Parallel Universe.
I'm sure at least some of you are wondering what I did to Mr. Ex-Middleaged to make him not speak to me.
The truth is, I don't know.
I think that I was just Old Cow. And New Cow is more alluring. Maybe.

2. I was going to delete the above. But I decided against it. Let it stay, I say!
Instead, I'll just move onto Point No. 2. Oh dear, I didn't tell you what I got for Christmas.
I can't be bothered telling you now. I'll just leave it up to your imagination.

3. This is a Genuine Point. Note the necklace with a tiny Buddha that I've wound around my wrist a few times.
I'm hoping to start a New Trend. Except that it keeps on getting caught on things. But who cares about Practicalities when Beauty is at stake.

4. Lastly, this is what I wore today. I bought it early last year when I was still buying New Clothes. It was $6.95 at a Cheap Landfill Shop which fortunately is No More. I was going to Give It The Chop but before I did, I decided to give it One More Go.
When I put it on this morning, I was pleasantly surprised. This is Almost Resort Wear, I said to myself.
Wrong. It looks like an Indonesian Tablecloth.

5. Lastly lastly, I have soo much more to say & I'm going to say it in about sixty seconds..........
I read in the Huffington Post today that Arianna is challenging all the Women of America to make Sleep their New Year's Resolution. She thinks that the WoA are so busy being busy & caring etc. that they don't sleep enough.
Arianna herself is aiming for about eight hours a night which she thinks is the optimum amount for Creativity & General Wonderfulness.
I just want to tell Arianna that Sleep is Not that Simple. Particularly as we get older.
But it's my bedtime now so I can't tell her.


Rebecca said...

I'm assuming you didn't get your pony for Christmas?

I'd like to chat with you some more about #1. There's a reason you left that in and didn't delete it, I believe. No need to hide it.

The "Indonesian tablecloth" has a wonderful pattern to it (if not shape).

And don't worry about Arianna. If she hasn't figured it out yet, she probably isn't going to understand when you try to explain it to her. I, on the other hand, GET it!

see you there! said...

Ahhh sleep, that too frequently elusive condition.

I kind of like the tablecloth, at least if I ate everything on the table I wouldn't have to let my belt out. Do you think tents could be the fashion statement for 2010? I so want to be a trend setter.


Anonymous said...

You look FAB in the white jacket photo. Honestly. Knocks my socks off.

And as for sleep... well. I need lots of it but also find that I wake up throughout the night and often can't fall back to sleep. As soon as I get home from work I read my email and then go upstairs for a 20 minute nap. It's such a routine now that the dog just gets up and goes upstairs when she sees me walk through the door upon coming home from work. (She likes to nap with me.)

Della Street Dreaming said...

Darla - you always make me laugh!