Friday, January 22, 2010

Hotel Inferno

I've finally cracked.
It is nite. I found an air-conditioned Internet Cafe in Seminyak Bali almost next door to the Totally Rancid Hotel Paradiso where Jenny & I are Sadly Staying.
It is just soo right that the name of the Hotel has Dantesque References. But its True Name is Hotel Inferno. Although the doors of the rooms we are staying in are made of beautifully ornate carved wood, what's inside is Almost Chilling.
I am Definitely Not getting into the Evil Bath even though I have been sweating profusely all day inside a mountain of black clothes & a straw hat & a Balinese Sarong. I must smell like a Used Dish Rag. Perhaps I can splash some water over the Important Parts.
Tomorrow we are checking into a Swanky Hotel right on the Seminyak Beach.
We just couldn't hack a second nite there. We're too old, fragile, emotionally volatile, fussy & squeamish.
And we just couldn't stand the contrast with the past four nights of Uber-Splendour in Ubud. I'm too tired & emotional to be bothered telling you about this right now.
Let's save it till later.
Meanwhile, I'll toddle back to The Hotel Inferno & turn my nose up at the little group of tattooed Aussie Blokes playing pool in the Hotel Bar while the Hotel Public Address System blares out Loud Asian Piano Melodies of Broadway Show tunes & Barry Manilow hits.
Sadly, I couldn't include any photos in this post.
I'm sure you can imagine some.
I have well over 250 already. And I've got a day & a half to go.

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Anonymous said...

"...almost chilling."

Good God.

I can't wait to hear the details and I hope you will share them even though you might have to relive unpleasant memories.