Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toy Gin & Tonic

Faux Gin & Tonic
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I invited the upstairs neighbours down for a drink & nibbles. Two v. lovely young men. I plied them with stiff gins, but decided to abstain myself. I just kept on filling my glass up with tonic water. I'm such a Wowser.
Am not sure the point of this story. Or if there is one.
Although I was entertaining, I was barefoot. Which fitted in perfectly with my guests who are from Hawaii. Well, one half of the guests is. Apparently, Hawaiians don't wear shoes inside the house.
The other half of the guests manages the Louis Vuitton store in Sydney. In fact, it's just about to be transformed into a Mega Maison Store, one of only nine in the world. I can't possibly imagine who the hell shops at Louis Vuitton in Sydney. I thought that the only people who shop there would be Japanese Tourists, but I was assured that that wasn't the case.
Anyway, I won't go on & on about this. Instead, I'll use this as a Perfect Segue to mention my v. own Designer Label Dilemma from yesterday.
You may recall that last night I was fearing going to bed because I knew that I'd wrestle for hours in the dark with the idea of buying a 'Chanel' scarf that I'd seen & fondled that v. day at the 'Chanel' shop at Bondi Westfield. I was informed by the Helpful Sales Asst. that it was 'Seasonal', which is code for, Buy it Now because We Won't Have It Later. And You'll Kick Yourself When You Come Back Months Later & It Won't Be There.
Luckily, I went to bed & promptly fell asleep, waking possibly at the end of every sleep cycle, which roughly goes for about two hours, to go to the bathroom & check the position of The Moon.
When I awoke the next morning, I rushed to the computer.
I was sooo pleased when I received A Reality Sandwich from Rebecca & Darla, who both made me realise the silliness of buying a scarf for nearly six hundred bucks, particularly when I'm trying to grow a really Frugal & Sensible Person from the inside.

Oh, talking of Sensible & Kind-Of Frugal, but with a V. Creative Twist, Sheila from Ephemera wrote an interesting recap of her adventures with not buying new clothes for a year, a goal she completed this week.


see you there! said...

When you fix mine be sure to put the GIN in it!


Della Street Dreaming said...

definitely Darla!