Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hotel Paradiso

Jenny & I are sitting back in the Internet Cafe.
We are Filling in Time before we head off to Denpasar Airport.
But don't think that this Blog Entry is merely A Filler.
No. It contains Real Meat.

We have just spent a few hours in Totally Over the Top Kuta where it is quite possible to be mowed down by the multitudes of motor bike riders that cruise the narrow streets & laneways like swarms of mosquitoes. The Pedestrian has No Rights in Bali. The Scooter Rules. The Taxi Rules.
I am finding myself getting into quite a state over this which I'm sure is due to the Excessive Heat & the fact that I am wearing almost my complete Black wardrobe At Once, one on top of the other, because I want to fit into my tiny Carry On Bag large quantities of painted wooden souvenirs that I've just honed my Rather Lame bargaining skills on.
I now have some understanding what it must have been like for Victorian Ladies sweltering in the Tropical Heat in say India during the Raj.

Yesterday, we checked out of Hotel Inferno & into Hotel Paradiso down the road. You have no idea what a difference a couple of hundred or so dollars can make a night.
Sadly, I can't show you any photos yet. That will have to wait until I get home which will be in about twelve hours.
I wish I knew what Farewell was in Balinese, or is it Indonesian they speak? But I don't know anything at all about Bali. Nothing. I can hardly understand the currency which I've been Madly Spending for almost a week. All I know that the denominations are enormous. Which makes everything seem hugely expensive. Like two million rupiah is about two hundred USD.


see you there! said...

Can't wait to see the pics of all those treasures you have stowed away.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Hi Darla. Will post some pics today. Have a great day!

janavi said...

Can't wait for the pix either.
I had been worried about the black wardrobe-does absorb the heat so much.
Hope you had a fab time.