Friday, January 8, 2010

Wear What You Can Get Away With

My Default Dinner.
It is nite. I have just eaten a v. large Tuna Salad which I like to call My Default Dinner.
Anytime I don't know what to have for dinner, I have it.
I may have My Default Dinner up to four or five times in a week.
Tonite's salad contained Weight Watchers Cottage Cheese, semi-sundried tomatoes & Oiled-Up Eggplant, Avocado, shallots, baby tomatoes, shallots, iceberg lettuce, capsicum, shallots & a half a mango.
I like Cooking with Fruit. And I have made a Commitment to eat a Mango every day throughout Summer. Just so I can Eat Summer not just Feel Summer. If that makes sense.

The World of Headings
OMG. I just discovered Headings! And Colourful Ones as well!!
Why didn't I think of using them before, I wonder?
Things just keep on Evolving. Don't they?

The Gift
Sometimes I come home & find a little something at my front door. Not v. often.
Today was one such day. I arrived home in the early evening exhausted from attending The Body Balance class at my gym.
To my utter delight, there was the Louis Vuitton bag shown above pressed against my front door.
I dropped everything & ran to it, squealing in delight like a stuck pig.
I know that sounds gross. But I couldn't help saying that even though I don't know what it means, & probably don't want to know either.
Anyway, it was a thank you gift from my Young Neighbours upstairs, who came for drinks a couple of nite's ago.
Coasters. Especially crafted in Vietnam using Ancient Time-Honoured Techniques by Skilled Artisans who have honed their Craft over Many Centuries.
So grateful. Soo lucky.

Can't Give Advice.
I read another Fashion Blog tonite. I won't say which one. But it offers to Solve Fashion Problems for you.
The most recent post posed Ethical Questions about wearing Sexy to Work. You know, like a pencil skirt & a low neckline.
Truckloads of People with V. Strong Views left v. long, well-thought-out comments referencing Seventh Wave Feminism & other High-Falutin Ideas.
I noted that the word 'Offence' or 'Offended' was the most popular word used. Everyone was offended about something. And for good reason too.
Oh God, there's soo many things to be Offended About. Like Sick People who constantly cough all over Doctor's Waiting Rooms while you're sitting there hating them & being offended. Which is what happened to me today when I suddenly rushed off to the doctor after the Optometrist, who checked my middleagedeyes for Degeneration this morning, noticed that there was something odd about my left eye's blood vessels which could be a sign of High Blood Pressure.
As soon as she said that, I felt immediately guilty about my Unhealthy Relationship with Salt.
I knew that it would get me in the end.
But then I found out my blood pressure was Completely Normal. Just like the rest of me.

I'm now not giving up salt. What else have I got in Life?
But I am going to Seriously Give Up Sparkling Water as the Know-All Beautician told me that it leaches all the calcium from my bones. How Hideous.

Maybe I should ditch the Hankerchief Hem Skirt Look. I can't decide. Should a middleagedwoman wear one. Perhaps I should consult A Fashion Blog.

On Second Thoughts, Here's Some Advice.
My advice about Wearing Clothes to Work is: Wear What You Can Get Away With.
That's exactly what I do.

Jewellry Corner
My favourite Jewel shop, 'Diva' has been having an amazing $5 sale. So I've been buying like crazy. The Big Black Chandeliers were among yesterday's purchases & the long pendant I put together from a number of things. I'm not sure what you call them - they're like Horns or maybe Little Chilis.
'Diva' has shops I think in the UK & certainly in Australia. And they've just opened one in the Mall in Thousand Oaks California, the only one so far in the US. It's a little weird because that's the home of my Best Friend Marge. We both thought that it was Strangely Synchronous.


Rebecca said...

My dear, you needn't consult a fashion blog! You ARE a fashion blog.

Definitely you can/should wear handkerchief hem skirts!

Congratulations on your Louis Vuitton bag & interesting coasters (and Young Neighbors Upstairs, too)!

Taking a cue from your experience, I am going to suggest to my husband that we sell the house and move into an apartment with fine Upstairs Neighbors.

Rebecca said...

From WikiAnswers -

To "squeal like a stuck pig" means to cry out loudly and shrilly. It comes from an old activity called 'pig sticking': hunters on horseback chased wild boar and tried to drive spears through them (referred to as 'sticking').

Della Street Dreaming said...

I knew, Rebecca that the 'stuck pig' phrase meant something awful. What a shocking thing! Thanx for your v. lovely comments!

Chelsea said...

oh gosh, i just came across your pictures through wardrobe remix and then your blog. i blog too, and am an aspiring english teacher (maybe? terrified of job prospects) with a two year old reddish haired little girl. i think i might want to be like you when i'm middle aged. :) keep writing. i love this.