Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All I Need is a Couple of Chipmunks Inserted.

I don't mean to harp on it, but being dumped has some advantages. The first & most obvious one  is the sudden weight loss brought about through an inability to eat. As I sort of covered this last time, I won't go on too much except to report that I just ate a hearty dinner which featured my favourite Meal in a Packet, Ainsley's Lemon Twist Couscous.
Second, I keep running into people in the street or at my local cafe & having lovely chats. It's like I'm on 'Sesame Street'.  For instance, today over breakfast at the cafe, I chatted to Elizabeth, a stylish PR consultant. We actually had to sit together because the place was packed to the rafters. For most of the time we just read the paper & smiled politely to one another, but then we got chatting.  After I told her that I'd been dumped, she said that she does PR work for Prominent Plastic Surgeons who often want women to be 'Before & After' Models  for ads promoting their handiwork. You know the deal - a horrendously lit profile shot showcasing lank hair &  a receding chin  next to a soft focus shot with great lighting & hair & make up. Elizabeth said that if I agreed to be  one of these Before & After Women,  I could get some work done for free. But I'd have to wait until the offer came up.
I was thrilled & went running back down to school to breathlessly tell my colleagues the great news. All I wanted, I said, was to have little 'chipmunks' (or something like that - I couldn't hear properly in the noisy cafe) inserted near where my mouth begins to turn down in that slightly sad way that it does at a certain age. Apparently, the chipmunks stop the nasty downturn by propping up the skin, or something. 
'You know that once you start having stuff done to your face you have to keep having more & more done because if you don't, you'll look even worse', said Aunt Neddy, always The Voice of Reason.  
What would she know, I thought. But what if she's right, I also thought.
I'm inserting this portrait of myself which is neither a 'Before' or 'After' shot. What's great is that my camera seems to magically airbrush away most of the wrinkles even though I haven't selected the 'Soft Skin' option. What a pal!
The other good thing is the truly lovely comments that I got yesterday on the blog. Thank you so much. I don't want to sound too Pukily Gushy, but those comments really made a difference to me  today.
And of course my In Real Life friends & family. Marge in California has rung me every day & Jenny invites me to dinner & coffee. And my daughter & stepson. I'd better stop before this starts sounding like My Academy Award Acceptance Speech.

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see you there! said...

Your smile looks great to me but if you want to boost it up a bit then go for it.

Love the color of your jacket.