Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Decorating & the Dumped Person

One of the few pleasures available to The Dumped Person is The Gift of Shopping. Yes, even though we have to pay for it, Shopping is still a gift. 
Research has shown that shopping creates many many more endorphins  or pheromones than any amount of sex or chocolate eating. No wonder the Wealthy parts of the World are full of shopping malls.
Since I've been dumped, I really haven't done as much shopping as I would have liked. But this evening at my usual weekly visit to the Art Gallery, I spied a wonderful range of Art Pillowcases in the Gift Shop. They are from Third Drawer Down who make screenprinted pillowcases & tea towels that they describe as 'visual dialogues'. This one is called, 'Hair Girl'. I just loved it as soon as I saw it, although my tasteless colleagues, Trixie & Sue, turned up their noses at it in favour of some really rather twee & cutsy other ones. 
But I was rather alarmed when I read the Artist's Statement on the packet when I got home. The artist, Irana Douer says that she's 'really interested in broken hearted women'. That's a shame, because I'm not.
Irana did go on to say that these women, although they might want to hide behind hair or masks, are still 'still strong & move on & never lose hope'. 
Talking of not losing hope, I might add that the patchwork quilt was made by Women with Aids in Cambodia. 
I'm planning on going to bed shortly, after I've watched an episode or two of SATC which I now strongly identify with. But I won't sleep on the 'Hair Girl' pillow in case I dribble all over it.


see you there! said...

Interesting art, the Hair Girl looks pretty serene to me. Love the quilt.


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

When number 1 left me for another woman, I wrote poetry and I fancied myself as a little Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton. This was my gift from husband 1.

Oh -- and I like shopping too.

Kim said...

I love the pillowcae - how cute.

rabespierre said...

i am a big fan of satisfying bed decorations --that pillowcase is excellent-- and you know, when the bed is just for you, you are in sole charge of the decor and the messing and unmessing of it. not that that probably counts as consolation, of course, but at least as another site to take back as all your own?
something like that! xx hilary