Friday, August 22, 2008

Glands & Things

My senior class have only got a month of their School Life to go & then they face their final exams. It's a dangerous time for them & their teacher. Frequently, students cope by going on the Glandular Fever Merry-Go-Round, a medical condition that I believe is known as 'Mono' in other Lands. Large numbers of students are either currently absent from school with it, or getting ready to go back to school after having it, or waiting for the Test Results to come back. Others fear that they might have it but would rather just worry about it instead of going to the doctor. That would be my Preferred Method of dealing with Glandular Fever.
Meanwhile, I'm at my usual post in front of the whiteboard  desperately trying to shovel in some last tasty morsels that they can use. When I mentioned that David Malouf uses truncated sentences  in 'An Imaginary Life'  , everyone looked at me blankly. You've never mentioned that before, they said. What is a truncated sentence anyway & what effect do they create? I just drew a picture which they then heavily criticised.
Anyway, I thought today's outfit thematically fitted in with the whiteboard.  I guess because it's got a slight Forest Feel to it. Everything except the Forest Green footless tights is thrifted, including my favourite YSL flats.

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