Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home Decorating & The Straight Man

Mr. Middleaged has become obsessed with decorating our Beach House. I am discouraged from adding any little decorative touches around the place & quite frankly, it's giving me the craps.
The Desire to Decorate is not exactly a new thing for Mr. M. He has always been interested, but I have up until now managed to get in first & impose My Own Signature Style of Decorating, which largely consists of arranging found objects & old rotting dolls before he ever had a chance to do anything.
In a couple of posts or so, I'll tell you the Moderately Interesting Story of how we came to buy this house, which is a marvellous example of The Power of Wishing.
But for now, I just wanted to showcase some samples of Mr. M's decorative touches.
Last week, he got paid, which  is a Monthly Event. Immediately the money goes in his account, he's out the door & into the shops where it's time for a Substantial Reward. This time, Mr. M. rewarded himself & I guess, me as well with a set of three authentic apothecary jars with exotic French labels on the front. They look great on the wall next to his old Schoolboy Cricket First Eleven cap & an interesting mirror made from recycled industrial moulds. The globe is something I put there & I'm shocked that it's been allowed to stay.
Next is the bedroom. Here we have Laura Ashley Meets The Beach Boys. He's plastered the walls of our bedroom with old surfing photos to remind him of The Past That Might Have Been & completed the look with a pretty floral bedspread that shocked me when he first brought it home. 
I reluctantly admit that it all looks good. What a shame.


workthatwardrobe said...

I think what your post shows is that any couple have one form of interior design which is best described as compromise design!
I am looking forward to the story of how you acquired the beach house.
I am currently reading The Beach House by Jane Green, set in the Hamptons, US.

see you there! said...

Can't wait to hear the story about the house. The Big Guy at our place doesn't care a whit about decorating as long as it is V.E.R.Y C.L.E.A.N. Oh well, he does the kitchen and baths 'cause I might miss a germ. Do you think I mind? hahaha.


rabespierre said...

i also am quite curious abt the moderately interesting story of the beach house! i would also like full photo-tours of both beach house and city apt should you suddenly come in to a good deal of spare time!
yours, hilary/hermsprong

Stuart A. Thompson said...

A delightful little mix-and-match. I look forward to more of your Little Stories!