Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Mullets

In yesterday's post, I revealed that 1986 was Mullet Year for me & that I'd post a Mullet Photo as well as a Mullet Anecdote. I've just spent hours trawling through hundreds of loose photos & I finally found a Double Mullet featuring my friend Marge, who I  recently visited in California. What's amazing is we're both channelling Billy Ray Cyrus & didn't know it at the time. In fact, I think that Billy's Famous Mullet came a few years after ours, so clearly we were ahead of our time.
Note the closely cropped sides which accentuated the Rooster top bits & the crimped long bits. Neither Marge nor I had a crimping iron (that's a rather old fashioned term), so we used to smear our hair in 'Dippity Do' setting lotion (more stuff out of the Ark) & make lots of little plaits & then sleep on them. The next day, we'd take out the plaits, & just like magic, our hair was crimped. 
Now for the Rather Sad Anecdote. Just after a particularly brutal Mullet hair cut where the sides were actually shaved, I visited my parents. At this stage my Mum was v. sick, but not yet Officially Dying. She had always been totally obsessed with my hair mainly due to it's extreme blondness which was a mystery to her because I was adopted. 
As soon as she clapped eyes on my Fresh Mullet, Mum started getting angry. In an effort to calm her down, I breezily said, 'Oh, Mum, it's only hair, it'll grow back in about six months'. 
'Well, that'll be too late for me because I'll be dead by then!' she replied. 
And she was.


rabespierre said...

that is an amazing sad-funny-sad story! told and illustrated quite perfectly too. i wonder about this mother-daughter hair thing:
my mother has a long-held obsession with my sister's and my hair --which until we were in our 20s was extremely blonde and now is the dirty blonde-ish you've seen. i didn't realize the depths of her fetishizing of our hair until i came home for a visit when i was about 22 with my then very long hair dyed bright green and she freaked out. freaking out isn't something she's inclined to. she withstood me shaving my head, my sister piercing her own nose, our tattoos, our days of wearing nightgowns to school, with total equanimity, indeed detachment. but dying my hair green (and then a rainbow of other colors subsequently, of course!) drove her to yelling, tears and despair.
hmm. yours, hilary
ps. oh look, i wrote my OWN blog on your blog!

see you there! said...

Too funny. Just the other day I found the following blog.

Fred spells mullet with two t's but still.... the arts cool too.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same as rabespierre, that's such a funny sad story. when I was in college a friend and I decided that we would open a pub called The Mullet Over and play lots of Billy Ray Cyrus and Wings - Mullet Kintyre (geddit?!) on the jukebox. it never happened you know...