Monday, August 25, 2008

Wardrobes, Lamb Roasts & Wishing Wells.

When I was part of a couple, I often lamented the lack of dinner invitations to private homes. Now that's a rather old fashioned term, isn't it? Private Homes.  It's the kind of thing my grandmother who would be 117 if she was still alive, would say.
Anyway, rarely did we get invited to dinner. Maybe people assume that as part of a couple you're far too busy Nesting. I'm not sure.
 But over the past two weeks I've been on two such outings.  And I'm fairly sure neither of them were Sympathy Invitations. 
On saturday night I unintentionally chose to dress as Mrs. Claus to have dinner at Jenny's house. At present, I'm mad on Muppet collars, so I wore this White Rat Muppet with a red wool sweater & big faux Chanel quilted boots. But the Wardrobe Highlight was the creamy gold cuffs freshly purchased from Diva. Luckily, I still have My Wardrobe to keep me distracted.
Di, another guest, humoured me by wearing a vintage suit from Paris. Worn with just one huge black bangle, it was simple & chic with a slight Hitchcock Blonde feel to it. 
After a fabulously cooked lamb roast, Jenny took us into her bedroom to admire her Wishing Well. Over dinner, we'd been discussing the Nasty Lawsuits against the founder of 'The Secret', Rhonda Byrne. I have to admit that 'The Secret' which has cleverly marketed the Law of Attraction,  has been my Guilty Secret, where I greedily  gobbled up the book & the video & the web site without telling anyone. Jenny's version of  'The Secret' is the Wishing Well which she keeps in her wardrobe.  It's a small Japanese-looking ceramic miniature well that contains a scroll where you write down what you want & then lower it into the well. So far every wish that Jenny has put in the well has come true. Mind you, some of the things she's wished for were pretty tame.  But I'm still impressed & will rush out & get one tomorrow.
Whilst admiring Jenny's Well, I spied a wonderful Rotting Doll Decorative Touch  on a  nearby shelf. Regular readers know my penchant for the Rotting Doll Style of Decorating, so when I see a great example, it makes me feel at home. Jenny's rather scantily clad Rotting doll  is also just visible in the photo of Jenny & her sister  taken  during the heyday of black & white photography. 
I guess it's almost my turn to host a dinner. Maybe on the weekend. Gosh, who would I invite? I'll have to drag some people out of The Vault, or maybe Cold Storage.

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see you there! said...

I truly need a wishing well. And a lamb dinner. And a rotting doll.

Ok, Ok, just send me the cuffs and I'll shut up.