Friday, December 12, 2008

All That's Missing is a Wand

This week was the last week of term.
That means that I'm about to start The Summer Holidays. In fact I've already started them. But that's a whole other story.
The picture above was taken at our Annual Speech Day. And as it's supposed to be a Formal Occasion, I'm wearing my Academic Gown but in a v. silly & distorted way like I'm maybe An Anarchist or Glinda the Good Witch or a Snow Queen. All that's missing is The  Wand.
Lily,  a great student who I sadly no longer teach, insisted on posing along with me. At least she looks normal.

So, I'm done with English Teacher's Wardrobe Diary for 2008.
It's now Teachers are Always on Holidays Wardrobe Diary 2008-9.
 Keep watching, I'm sure you'll notice the difference.

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rabespierre said...

that is exactly how academic robes are supposed to be worn! happy holidays!