Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Once Upon a Time, there was a Middleagedteacher who didn't have even one single gray hair in her blond head. She also had a slightly hooked nose which gave her face character & didn't make her look like a witch one bit.
Some time before she  became Middleaged, Middleagedteacher fell in love with a man who eventually became known as Mr. Middleaged.
He was short but perfectly formed & had a wonderful luxuriant crop of grey curls that always looked immaculate. The only downside to having such  hair was that he would occasionally be mistaken for an elderly lady from behind. This happened most often on planes, when the stewardess would refer to him as 'Madam'. 
Middleagedteacher & Mr. Middleaged spent fourteen years together. He had two boys & she had one girl. During this time, their children grew up which was a constant source of surprise to Middleagedteacher who had stupidly thought that they were going to be kids forever.
Then the children left the nest. 

The Middleages had fun.
 They vigorously exercised.
 Even though they were obsessed with weight, they ate huge amounts of Chinese takeaway every friday night at their newly-acquired beach house. The next day, they went soft-sand running along the beach to compensate.
 He watched football on TV & read biographies while she attended to her flickr photostream.

One day, Mr. Middleaged decided that he needed 'Time' & 'Space'. He moved  full time to the beach house while Middleagedteacher stayed in the city apartment. 
She was sad, but did not collapse in a heap on the couch.
Instead, she continued to live her life as best she could. It was not an Altogether Unpleasant Surprise for her to find that Life Actually Went On.

Eleven Weeks went by. 
Finally, Mr. Middleaged sent a text message. He wanted to 'meet & talk'.
Middleagedteacher quaked in her boots at the thought of what Fresh Hell she might have to hear. 
She was Not Wrong.
But in spite of this, Middleagedteacher agreed to see Mr Ex-Middleaged, as he was now known, in a kind of Friendship Dating or is it, Dating Friendship Scenario. 
So far they've had Four Dates with another one planned next thursday after he returns from Buenos Aires. 

Middleagedteacher finds it Strangely Surreal to suddenly find herself dating a man who she owns property with & who still has clothes hanging up in her wardrobe.

To be continued...........


see you there! said...

I dunno - it could put a little mystery back into the relationship don't you think? If you are enjoying it... why not?


Sheila said...

Is this the part where we have to repent for all the nasty things we've said and thought about him?

You deserve the best - do what's best for you.

I did laugh at your description of his hair and being mistaken for a woman. My husband had, until recently, very long curly hair. Now it's shorter, but he does still get called "ma'am" a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I hope this all turns out for the best. Please keep us posted!

Janet said...

I don't know- but I'm just glad I don't like boys anymore. Too much work & drama for me. But I am enjoying reading about your adventures in that realm. Buona Fortuna!! Janavi