Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Will Anyone Follow Me Home in My Safe Shoes?

When it comes to shoes, I feel quite Left Out. 
I want to trot around like Carrie Bradshaw, nay, Sprint Around like Carrie Bradshaw in six inch Manolos or Choos. Actually I'd be quite happy to wear the fabulously cheap plastic copies  that you can get at KMart or even Target on a good day.
But that's not gonna happen. 
Every morning as I trudge down the hill on my way to School, I walk past 'Booty', a small shoe boutique that I've mentioned before. On the weekend it's absolutely choc o block full of women queuing up to buy Hugely High Shoes like the , what I like to call, Follow Me Homes , above, that have been in the window for the past week. 
These are Not the Shoes I'd wear if I could wear stilettos. I think these shoes are Vulgar. 
Now, there's a word that you don't hear too often these days. But it perfectly sums up my feelings towards them. 
No, the stilettos I covet are far edgier. You know the ones I mean....Maybe Prada or Givenchy  first made them up. I'm not sure.  I'll have to go & find a picture of them, but right now I couldn't be bothered.
You May or May Not be wondering why I'm so Stiletto Averse. 
It's because I'm afraid that I'd fall over so badly in them that I'd have to have both feet amputated. 
So I'm sticking to Safe Shoes, like the red ones below that I've thrifted over the past week. 

I wore the Red Heels today for the first time at our Annual School Speech Day. Fortunately, you can't see that I wore sheer sockettes with them because I didn't want to get blisters. 
I'm Nothing if Not Comfortable.


Geraldo Maia said...

From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

Della Street Dreaming said...

Hello Geraldo - thank you! I've always wanted to go to Brazil.

see you there! said...

Yes to the red shoes. Not lets talk about the jewelery. I love it, I love how it layers over the dress. I suspect you have a treasure chest of jewelery.


Janet said...

I can't even wear those little heels. I need to remain completely flat to feel grounded. And I like cushiony soft soles to boot. Not easy to look "fashionable" within those perameters.

Sheila said...

The top pair of shoes are quite adorable (not a fan of the other pair), and I love your dress!