Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Love Shamelessly Copying Other People's Style

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I never like my birthday.
And I never celebrate anniversaries.
But this month marks the First Anniversary of Me being a contributor to flickr's Wardrobe Remix.
So I've decided that I'm going to uncharacteristically celebrate it by running a Small Festival of Wardrobe Remix on my blog.

I want to run you through some of my wardrobe highlights as well as show you people & outfits that have inspired me over the past year. Would we say this is Rampant Narcissism, or perhaps a Futile Attempt to Keep The Passage of Time at Bay? Or is is Just a Massive Distraction to Stop Thinking About the Big Issues of Life?
I'd say, All of the Above.
But who cares?
First cab off the rank is this fantastic Pearl Diamante Extravanganza which is from fellow Aussie Remixer, Atriuum. Although She is old enough to be my daughter which means that I can't just blatantly copy her Young Look, I do like to take parts of it that will translate into Middleagedteacher style.
You can see my version in my next installment.

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