Sunday, December 28, 2008

E verything is Coming to Me Easily & Effortlessly

I've always suffered from Boundless Resentment.
So, when I read in The Thoughtful Dresser that she wasn't going to write any blog entries until January because she & her hubby were off to some Fabulously Idyllic Mexican Resort, I thought, if she can can smugly go on hols & abandon her blog, so can I!!!
I've had quite a few days off, perhaps almost a week or more, but now Guilt has Gotten the Better of Me. I must now write something.
As I type, I'm sitting in my daughter's living room in Canberra, Our Nation's Capital. She's been busy impressing me with her Sensational Hand-Eye Coordination Skills that would do an Air Traffic Controller proud, in playing a violent, but Ultra Pleasant (her words) Video game called Fable 2. 
After I've finished blogging, we're going to continue watching this New Agey film called 'You Can Heal Your Life' which features the Doyenne of Affirmations, Louise Hay. Only my daughter, Billie-Mae has dubbed it 'Starting Over Yet Again' in honour of a famous episode of 'Sex & the City' where Charlotte drags Sceptical Carrie to hear the Wise Words of a Female Snake Oil Merchant & Healer.
 I know I sound like an Utter Flake, but I've always loved all that stuff. In fact, a couple of decades ago, Louise Hay toured Australia & my friend Marge & I saw her speak. She was just great, but we both thought Old at the time. So, I was v. surprised to see that she's still around now in her eighties & looking pretty good, if perhaps Slightly Startled & Permanently Wide-Eyed (if you know what I mean) 
I occasionally use Affirmations. One of my favourites is 'Everything is coming to me easily & effortlessly' in honour of the fact that I always feel that even small things are So Hard. This past year I said it to my Senior Class many times as they were always whinging about how hard & impossible the work was. I'm sure it helped because everyone of them got fantastic results totally beyond my wildest expectations which will help to get them all into the University Course of their Dreams.
Now, I've Totally Gone off Course.
This entry was supposed to be about Christmas & so far I haven't mentioned a single thing about it.  This is because the blog has a Mind of it's Own, sadly. I am just the channel from which it's Sage Words & Endless Anecdotes pass through.
I've got soooooo much to say about Xmas. I wonder how Rachel Zoe & her hubby Rodger spent it. I'm sure it couldn't have been more Glamorous than Mine. I'm including some photos to prove it to you. 
Me eating a scrumptious Mince Pie at a pre-Xmas dinner I hosted. 
Me (with Mr. Ex-Middleaged asleep looking like Rip Van Winkle in the background). Yes, he shared a Xmas Picnic lunch down at Sydney Harbour with My daughter & I. Then we all went to a French film called, 'I Loved You So Long', which I thought was such an appropriate name, and a totally excruciating & tortured experience, which I also thought was appropriate.
Me showing off a wonderful gift of Simon Doonan's book 'Eccentric Glamour' that was sent from Marge in Thousand Oaks.
My daughter made wonderful Xmas food, including  yummy pizettes. She's showing off her wonderful bangle sent by Marge. I got one too which was lucky, because I'd have to steal it from her if I didn't have one.
These holidays are a breeze.


Sheila said...

It looks like you had so much fun! I love that book - it's very 'you'.

You look fab in these pictures - I can see where your daughter got her looks. ;)

Janet said...

That is pretty funny about the book. I will have to start doing my affirmations again. Your daughter looks lovely. So happy you are having fun Holidays!

Reality Raver said...

I can assure you one thing Rachel Zoe would not be caught on camera eating a mince tart.

Happy hols.

Claude the diabetic cat said...

Fat and Rude thinks Billie-Mae is looking terrific and sends his regards for a succseeful year.

You both missed She Who Must Be Disobeyed by a day at the Degas exhibition. Teachers passing in the night?