Friday, December 19, 2008

A Revolting Medieval Nightmare

It's always tempting for me to have a Big Rant About Aging.
But I know that it's a little bit like eating McDonalds - ultimately it's an Empty Experience. 
So, I won't go on too much about the fact that this wardrobe shot highlights my Marionette Lines. And I won't tell you what Marionette Lines are. You'll just have to guess.
But on a slightly more positive note, I wanted to point out the differences between being Middleaged Now & being Middleaged Then. Just look at the little mixed media piece I did featuring souvenir spoons & a 1950's photo of those horrid Gossip Queens Hedda Hopper & Louella Parsons & an unidentified other Middleaged woman in the middle. They were photographed at some swanky Hollywood restaurant admiring the then v. young Sophia Loren, who I cropped out of the picture, but who looked a bit put off by all the slobbering middleaged attention.
Each woman is a Study In Jowls. And Louella, who's seated, looks like one of those little devils that are carved into the facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I'm not sure if they're Devils or Ghouls, but they're some Revolting Medieval Nightmare or other.
And I never realised before how aging Mink Stoles are. I must throw mine out.



Janet said...

Don't throw our your stoles, when you are really old, you won't care!
Simon Doonen was just on TV talking about his windows. The theme is "Have a Hippy Xmas". Will get up there by New Year's. I haven't done any shopping either, and I don't know if I want to

see you there! said...

Confession: I did the math and if I were to call myself middle aged I'd have to live a hell of a long time. Maybe set a record.

Never had a fur so that can't be what's aging me. Hmmm.


Sheila said...

You mustn't throw out your stoles...I hear they are excellent cougar-bait. FYI, cougar is slang for an older woman who likes younger men. Perhaps we just admire them, as I myself do, being married. Perhaps we dally with them. Either way, there's something about fur that they like.

WendyB said...

You're hilarious. It's true that we're better off now than we were then but that doesn't make me more enthusiastic about my marionette lines, sadly.