Sunday, December 14, 2008

Transforming the Mundane into Magic

Actually, it's Not Day Three. It's more like Day Five. But who's counting?
The Only Rule for The Holiday Project is that every day has got to be a New Adventure of Some Sort. Umm........that probably means that I can't lie around  watching Fashion TV on Mute for hours. 
But maybe I should have another rule: Transforming the Mundane into Magic. 
What happened today is a Perfect example of my new rule. 
Be aware that there are Mundane Elements in this small vignette that I'm about to tell you, so I'll try & tell it in the least number of words:
My Canon MP600 printer decided to only print in shades of blue with some white touches. It is over eighteen months old, but I had cleverly bought an Extended Warranty. 
I phoned the toll free number on the warranty paper a few days ago & explained what was wrong with the printer. The phone answerer didn't seem too interested in what was wrong. She just said they'll get back to me shortly.
I didn't obsess about it like I usually do. 
Today they rang back & said they'd decided to give me a new printer for free. Just go  to the store & pick it up.
I drove like a maniac to the store & was served by a Naughty but Charming Ex-Student who decided to make up for all the times she gave me the shits in class by giving me a big discount on buying yet another Extended Warranty.
I was thrilled. 
Now, can you see the Magic in that Mundane Story? 

On a completely different subject, I couldn't help but post this picture of me taken at the Faux Organic Markets Across the Road from my Apartment on saturday. I am holding a bunch of gladioli, or 'Gladies' as they are called, which is the favourite flower of Dame Edna Everage who I mentioned a few posts ago by saying I spoke like her only l was louder & shriller. So I thought that it was Entirely Apt that I had this photo taken.
But what I'm really showing off is my Holiday Outfit. How smug I was as I put it on in the morning - in my  mind the newly-thrifted 'Benetton' skirt & the Comic book top were cool & edgy. 
I sneered at a v. famous Pioneer Feminist & Writer who was all porked up in a pair of khaki shorts.  I also sneered at a gaggle of older women who were wearing exercise clothes with Unsightly Runners. I wondered aloud if one of the women was wearing Proper Foundation Garments.
And then I went home & downloaded my photo. I got a Small Shock.  Because everything I was wearing was a size too small, all my figure flaws were Out & Proud. But I didn't know it.
It Never Pays to be Smug.


see you there! said...

I just hate it when the sneer comes back to bite me. Karma as they say.


Della Street Dreaming said...

In my case Darla, it always does!

Janet said...

I really think you look good. I worked with Giselle today, so imagine how I feel! She did say I looked 15, so I guess her eyesight is going!

Della Street Dreaming said... in Supermodel?
What was she like?

Janet said...

She's really nice, warm, funny & charming. The editor however was an a hole. But it was nice to see her again. She puts a lot of effort into getting a good photo.