Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Love Shamelessly Copying Other People's Style 2.

chanel beads
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Here's my version of atriuum's pearl/diamante extravaganza that I featured in the previous post.

I now realise that my version is tame. Her's was kind of anarchic. Which is why I liked it.
There is clearly Nothing Anarchic About My Version. It is neat. Well-ordered. Arranged. Just like the Rest of My Life could be, but isn't.
Mastery Through Wardrobe.

I've threaded a pearl & diamante pin through one of the Faux Chanel C's in my long-stranded necklace.
It may be Tame, but I don't think it's Lame.


Pony said...

it's not tame, but it is beautifully sleek (with a touch of eccentricity! which is always good!!)

i love your take on this!

Sheila said...

Definitely not tame! I think it looks great! Don't be shy to add another necklace to this look, too.

dlittlegarden said...

No, not tame! This is gorgeous! I love the striped top you've paired the beads with.

BTW, I've tagged you on the "6 Random Things" meme over on my blog....

Jane said...

I think your look is much better - love the monochrome.