Sunday, December 13, 2009

Diamonds on the Souls of My Shoes

It's sunday evening & I'm feeling Smug but exhausted.
So I'm keeping this blog entry short & snappy. If I make a mistake, I'm not going to correct it.
And as usual when I'm a little tired or badly in need of some Internal Organisation, I am going to write in Numbered Points.
1. Why Am I Smug?
Because I have been busy Xmas shopping over the weekend with my daughter who came up from Canberra.
Usually I never bother doing any until the v. last minute.
And then it's usually a Shoddy Affair.
But not so this year. Under the expert guidance of daughter Billie-Mae, I have managed to get most of them except for three Male Gifts. But I must say that I'm absolutely thrilled that I actually have to buy Gifts for Men as it feels like I live in A City of Women. Not that I'm complaining.

2.Talking of Women. And Men. As I type, I've got Baz Luhrmann's 'Australia' on on mute. I had to mute it because I couldn't stand the sound of Nicole's fake Plummy English Accent. Why couldn't she speak in her usual Aussie voice, I wonder? Even her fake American accent would be better.
And then there's Hugh Jackman who has obviously had his teeth Artificially Whitened, something I'm planning to do soon when I've finished my series of Omnilux Facial treatments. Talking of Hugh Jackman, my friend Di who is Incredibly Picky in just about every aspect of her life, went to University with Hugh. They both studied Communications at The University of Technology in Sydney. Anyway, Hugh asked her out & she said No.

3. I must say that I bought Magnificent Gifts.
My step-son Tyler & Billie-Mae are getting v. expensive scented candles made by French Candlemakers 'Cire Trudon' who have been in business since 1643. You know, since Louis Whatever. As I type, I'm burning mine which is supposed to be the smell of Versailles Floors.
I thought everything Stunk back then. But judging by the wonderful aroma coming from the candle, I am Again Wrong. I have hardly if ever smelt anything this good.

4. Scroll back to the beginning & look look look at the Golden Sandals that I thrifted from 'BednobsEtc'. They are of course Italian. Please don't be put off by the Slightly Strange Purplish colour of my feet. I do NOT have liver damage, in case you were wondering.
Talking of my Favourite Shop. It is taking what I consider to be an Inordinately Long Holiday starting next saturday & not opening until half way through January. In the meantime, I will have to Scour Sydney to find Thriftaholics Anonymous Meetings to attend.
When the manager of the Shop told me last week, I pretended to be Super-Happy that she was able to have such a Long Break.
'Oh Gabe', I gushed, 'You soooo deserve it!' Inside I was devastated.

5. Here's a couple of looks from my Middleagedteacher's Holiday Wardrobe Diary. Both outfits feature the Chandelier Earring, something that I seem to be gravitating to at the moment. Perhaps it's because I'm absolutely dying to install Real Chandeliers in my apartment but haven't done so because (a) I haven't bought any (b) I couldn't be bothered buying them & then lugging them home & then finding an electrician to install them (c) I perhaps am a little short of cash as all my money seems to go on Lattes & Thrifted Outfits.
It's far cheaper to wear Chandeliers on my ears.
Rather like Diamonds on the Souls of My Shoes which I always thought was an inspired title for a song even though the song itself reminded me a little too much of Bobby McFerrin's 'Don't Worry Be Happy' or that song a quirky warthog sung in 'the Lion King'.

6. OMG. I just realised that a Near-Neighbour of mine, David Wenham is in 'Australia'. In fact, just about every character actor from our country who is still breathing is in it.
Dear David looks like he's playing a Villain although I can't really tell as the TV is still on Mute. What a shame. I absolutely love him. Perhaps some of you know & also admire him. For years I've silently admired David as I've stood behind him in the line in the local supermarket, 'Woolworths Potts Point', or sat across from him at my favourite cafe, 'Zinc'. Or watched him walk down Macleay Street with his odd little shuffley walk. I can't tell you the strain I've been under. Always to ignore him or avert my eyes, when all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around him & smother him with kisses.

6. Better hop into bed before I Overheat.


Rebecca said...

I love the diamonds....and the chandeliers....and your ambitious and almost-complete shopping adventures. I almost stole your very last line as my Healthy Holiday Tip #16 (see I realize you said "overHEAT" instead of overEAT! Oh well, I'm just going to edit out that "H" and use it anyway. Thanks in advance.

see you there! said...

Great shoes - and no little sockettes (yes!). I'll bet you had a wonderful time shopping with Billy-Mae.


ladyjanewriter said...

Oooo! I love the tunic in the last pic!