Friday, December 4, 2009

The Middleagedteacher Project 2009

As I said this morning to Trixie as we were cleaning our desks in preparation for the School Shutting for the summer holidays, I think that Time is Actually Going Faster. And I don't mean that it just feels that it's going faster. I mean that Everything is Speeding Up. For all of us. Not just the Old People.
I'm sure that I didn't invent this. I never invent things, particularly things from the realm of Pseudo-science. I'm sure I heard an expert say this. And they'd know.
Of course, there are those who say that Time & Space are merely constructs. Or illusions. Wouldn't it be a relief to know that none of this was true? That I really didn't finish school today to go on seven weeks vacation.
If there was no time or space it wouldn't matter that I didn't understand the intricacies of an Emissions Trading Scheme or understand the Dow Jones or the Nasdaq Index, something I've been worried about for years.
I wouldn't have to feel bad about Suicide bombing either.
Or Bad Hair Days. Or wardrobe Malfunctions.
Or who won 'Australian Idol'.

Yes, that's right. You heard it correctly. I went on Seven Weeks Holiday today. That is, if I believed in Time & Space.
I'm done standing in front of a whiteboard for 2009.
I've worn 182 different outfits. No repeats.
This is, or was The Middleagedteacher Project.
Everything this year, except for one navy frilly shirt & a tartan dress with a pussy bow was thrifted mainly from my favourite shop 'BednobsEtc'. I realise that this last sentence was rather Clumsily Constructed, but I couldn't be bothered changing it because I'm exhausted & it's dangerously close to my Official Bedtime. So I'm just going to Phone In the rest of the blog entry.
Here's some quick highlights.
Remember Slightly Slutty? I'd say one of my more successful looks. Watch out for more of this in 2010.

Here's my least successful look below. Sadly, the big pink flowers printed on the top sit where my tits are.
Note the Wearing of Sockettes which I persisted with all year even though my Nasty Colleagues were v. damning of them & said that they spoilt every pair of shoes I wore.
Up theirs, I say!

This was one of my first outfits of the year. I made the necklaces but I'm not sure if the vaguely fifties frock is my style now.
But as the Whiteboard tell you, whatever I'm wearing, 'It's Always All About Me'.


Rebecca said...

Time is INDEED speeding up - you are correct! So you'd best be getting on with your holiday before it is over.

Congrats on a successful year of wardrobe frivolity. I sure wish I had been a student in your classroom, because I'm sure your teaching style is every bit as exciting as are your daily wears.

The slightly slutty look definitely is great. (I think you could come up with a better description though so that I could refer to it without compunction.)

Keep up the dreaming, Della Stree!

see you there! said...

Weeks and weeks of vacation time, oh my. Any chance you are headed my way?


Kasmira said...

Oooh, I love your "highlight" look! I don't remember it the first time around. It's definitely a winner.