Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Extreme Blogging

I am having a competition with myself to see how quickly I can write this blog entry. In fact, I've uncharacteristically set myself a Time Limit.
Yes, I've got ten minutes to write this before I press the PUBLISH POST button.
Perhaps you could call this an exercise in Extreme Blogging.
Blogging as part of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Not because blogging involves skis & snow, but because it could be seen as a cozy, wintery, indoor activity.
But I digress. Just stick to the script. Which is one of my favourite sayings.

Behold my Xmas Decorations. Note my Minimalist Xmas Tree that resembles something that Chimney Sweeps used to shove up chimneys. Its going to be so worth it to enlarge the image, My Friend, so you can see the little brace of glittering High Heels that are festooning the apex of the tree. In my Extreme Haste to photograph, I cut off the also glittering Angel that is at the v. top. Note also the also glittering rocking horse which one of my stable of action figures is sitting astride. Note also the chocolate coins which has always been my Xmas Signature Style. Then note the small cache of gift-wrapped gifts. I'm so thrilled with myself.

Here's a detail from my 'Louis Quinze with Antlers' tableau which greets visitors as they arrive at my apartment. I am absolutely wetting myself over these gorgeous little pieces of priceless furniture that I got at 'Hot Dollar' at Bondi Westfield.

Time's moving on. So I'm now going to Radically Summarize. Look look look at me above wearing Harem pants. Major breakthrough because I haven't worn pants since 1983. Truly. I rarely, if ever lie. Perhaps they are a little short in the leg because I bought them in the girlswear section of 'Best & Less'. I now realise why people wear pants. I'd forgotten because I've always been obsessed with The Rear View.

Lastly, behold me outside 'BednobsEtc' wearing a Krystle Carrington dress. Amazing but sadly looks like Curtains. I'm wearing my favourite Pin of 2009 which is a Pink Flamingo. I brought down to 'Bednobs' for this photo. But I couldn't help but buy the shoes. Tomorrow they shut for maybe three weeks. I am sad, but slightly relieved. Just down there an hour ago. Saw a white tee shirt that had 'You are innocent even when proven guilty'. What a relief to know!
Almost, but not quite made the Official Time Limit


Blogging Babe said...

MAT, this is waaay part of a redesign project, I've been looking into turning an oversized T-shirt into a funky pair of "harem pants" which kind of sag about mid-thigh and often down to the knees if not lower...this is way too Twilight Zone-ish...hehe...

Blogging Babe said...

btw...that is the right lenghth, capri or calf length if you pull them up a bit and secure with belt...

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Blogging Babe! I do like the Twilight Zone!

Rebecca said...

In your haste to meet your self-imposed deadline, you (perhaps unintentionally) abandoned one of your signature styles - enumeration.

It was made up for by your excitement in capturing all the features of your tree and tableau.

I wonder if the Pin-of-the-Year (Pink Flamingo) may find its way to next years Minimalist Xmas Tree?!

janavi said...

I agree the pants are a good capri length. Love the tree. Somehow the pink 80's dress has an Edwardian look to me with those shoes.