Friday, December 18, 2009

The End of an Elbow

Hello Internets!
This is One V. Exciting Post because:
1. It features pics of Real Celebrities, not Toy Celebrities like Me.
2. It just is.

Can you guess what my topic is?
It's certainly not another 'When Before Meets After', with the Celebrity being the 'Before' & me being the 'After'.
No. No. No.
Today I'm comparing my various body parts with the equivalent body parts in celebrities.
So, I'm comparing my face, particularly my naso-labial folds with Goldie Hawn's & my upper arms & skin with Sigourney Weaver.
Let's start with Me & Goldie.
Look closely at both pics. How are they thematically linked? (Oooh, I do sound like I'm back in the classroom . I must be missing it)
The more astute of you will have noticed that my pic features a small brace of Toy Oscars which are the latest addition to my Kitchen Holiday Tableau. Goldie is an Oscar Winner. At least I think she is. What on earth would she have received an Oscar for I wonder?
'Private Bemjamin' perhaps?
'Shampoo'? God I loved that film. My favourite part was at the v. end when Warren Beatty, who from memory had behaved like an Utter A.Wipe Commitment Phobe throughout the film, as soon as he sensed that Goldie (or maybe it was Julie Christie) was losing interest in being with him, uttered the words that I've always longed to hear - ' I just want to take care of you, baby'. And because Goldie/Julie had had a Gutload, she said 'No thanks' & stomped off.
I would never have done that. I would have melted & stayed.

Anyway, Oscar-winning Goldie hasn't got a wrinkle in sight. Her face is shining like a Beacon. And her Naso-labial folds have clearly disappeared up her Nasolabial.
I think that I can fairly safely say that She's Had Work.
I, on the other hand, haven't had any. But I'm toying with it.
But maybe not.

Let's move on to Sigourney. I've spent an Absolute Age closely examining her amazing biceps which I guess she's been v. carefully growing since her 'Alien' days.
But it's her elbow that has really captured my imagination. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like her elbow has two ends (is that the correct Technical Term for the End of an Elbow?).
Or maybe its just a Large Corn growing out of the side of it. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be cramping Signourney's Red Carpet Moment.
The other thing I noticed (or at least I thought I noticed) was that her Arm Skin was a touch crepey. You know, like crepe paper. That too, doesn't seem to be cramping her RCM.
Move along to Me. Look at my arms. Pure Crepe Paper. Or even Crepe Suzette. Like Sigourney, it also doesn't seem to be cramping my Polo Shirt Kitchen Moment.

I should end by making some Really Important Point. But I couldn't be bothered.
You make it for me.
Oh, the pictures of the Celebs were from 'The Huffington Post.' But I would much prefer to call it 'The Huggington Post'. Maybe you would too.
Be my guest.

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