Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rogue Weather Vane

Hello there. Remember me?
I'm the Writer of Sparsely Elegant Minimalist Prose whose Signature Style is Capitalisation & Numbered Points.

1. Again, it's nite. And I'm going to spell it like that from now on. It reminds me of my childhood, which is always comforting even though it wasn't at the time.

2. Look look look at me above. I'm wearing Holiday Clothes. You can tell because I'm wearing Flat Gladiator Sandals. This morning whilst I was standing on the escalator at Bondi Westfield waiting to be transported up to the 'Fitness First' gym, I had a thought about the ridiculousness of wearing Towering Inferno High Heels. I had tried on a pair in (or is it 'at'?) 'Target' & it honestly felt like I was on stilts. And any moment I could have a Great Fall just like Humpty Dumpty.
Wouldn't it wonderful if someone started A Flat Shoe Movement which sounds a little like The Slow Food Movement ?
I certainly wouldn't start it as I'm a Follower not a Leader. Perhaps someone else will.

3. More on Miniature Companion Horses.
Today I was sooo excited when I was sent this photo of Velvet, the Large Animal Vet & a Foal. I would love one for Xmas but as I've said before (& heaven help me if I repeat myself), small horses can't live inside an apartment as they do not take to potty training & I certainly couldn't change a horses's nappy.
Last night, I dreamt that I had one but sadly forgot to feed it & when I finally remembered, I felt v. guilty & rushed home to make amends before it died from starvation.
I wonder what that could mean? Perhaps I'm neglecting my Small Horse side.

4. Here's a picture of David Wenham all dressed up as The Villain in hateful 'Australia'. In my last entry, you may recall that I bragged that he is a Near-Neighbour of mine, residing no more than 200 metres from my apartment. I love him.

5. Climate Change. I'm too nervous to actually read what is happening in Copenhagen. Perhaps it's over & I missed it.
But I'm becoming obsessed with the weather. This morning, Google's Weather Vane went Psycho. When I got up, It told me that the current temperature was minus 3 c. I have lived in Sydney all my life & it's never been that cold . Ever.
I quickly raced to the TV & turned on The Weather Channel. It gave me the Weekend Forecast for Western Australia which seemed odd particularly as it was now Monday morning.
So, I had to go outside & see for myself. It was about 18c with a Light Drizzle. Decidedly Autumnal.
I bet tomorrow will be a heat wave.


see you there! said...

It wasn't until I enlarged the picture that I discovered all the words on the skirt. That's one of your very best pieces of clothing.


ladyjanewriter said...

Oh! I was just gonna comment on the skirt as well, ha! It's brilliant!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you Ladies! I have had the skirt for a while & was thinking that perhaps it was a little too Try Hard or something. But now you both say this, I'll keep it. In fact, I'll even wear it again!
But I have set myself a little Holiday Wardrobe Challenge which is to wear a different Holiday Outfit every day.
What lengths I go to to keep myself amused!
Have a great day
love Sue