Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Retrospective on the Year Before Last

One of the Great Advantages of having A Blog of One's Own is that you can hold Mini, or even Maxi Retrospectives of your Life in Outfits & no one can stop you.
Here's another Retrospective.
Not from this year.
I'm still on last year . I can't seem to quite let go of 2008 yet even though it's perilously close to 2010. But then again, I've never been able to let go of anything.
A Famous Example of this was the time in Year 1 or First Class as it was then known, when I was standing with Mum talking to my teacher, A Nun.
Suddenly, Nun bent down to my level for some unknown reason, perhaps to get a better look at me or maybe to tie up her Nun Shoe Laces. But I immediately assumed that she wanted me to kiss her which seemed a little odd as Nuns were not to my knowledge interested in Bodily Contact. In fact, they showed v. few human characteristics.
A bit like Karl Lagerfeld now.
So I kissed her.
'Oh NO, dear, I wasn't wanting you to kiss me! Heavens' No!'
I was Soo Mortified that I hid in Mum's skirts.
And I'm still hiding in them.

If you can be bothered, scroll back to the first photo. I've plundered the School's archive which has placed me being appraised by a large conga line of of girls from the Class of 1952.
Oh, isn't it wonderful how Photoshop facilitates Time Travel!
Anyway, that's my Most Successful Look of 2008. And it was the first in a Series of Toy Chanel Outfits that is still going on to this day.
Even though I bought the dress for 6.95 at a now-defunct Landfill shop, I still wear it & love it. The shoes are the Jewel in the Crown of my Rotting Designer Shoe Collection. They are genuine YSLs. Recently, the buckle came off one of them in my Senior Class, & the ever-helpful College Vice Captain raced off to the Art Dept. where she had it glued back on.
Now I'm too scared to wear them.

The next item from 2008 is Self Explanatory. Except that I would like to point you to my Eyebrows. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you'll be able to find them.

This one probably doesn't need much explanation either. Which is a good thing because I'm getting Slightly Peckish. It is now after 9am & I still haven't eaten my Multi-Grain Weet Bix. But they are calling me.
Just quickly, this outfit is Not Good. Particularly the vest/top which was in a hateful shiny faux animalskin material suitable for Pole Dancers. Not that I've got anything against them as I believe it gives you a fantastic workout.

Lastly, my Obsession with Muppet Fur. Actually, I don't think it looks too bad. It's the Mrs Claus Toy Chanel Quilted Boots that Create an Issue.
Weet Bix here I come!

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