Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Calm & Stable After Only Two Days

The Story So Far.
Previously on Della Street Dreaming, our Heroine decided she needed Cheering Up.
When she read about 'The Happiness Project', a book where author Gretchen Rubin charted her year long quest to increase her Happiness Quotient from 3.5 to an undisclosed higher number out of five, she decided that downloading the book on audio was a perfect way to use up some of her credits that were just lying there feeling bored & uncared for.
What a great idea.

Welcome to Calm & Stable Me.
And I've got a sign to prove it.
Its amazing. Its only been two days since I started on 'The Happiness Project' & its already worked.
I'm as Happy as Larry.
And I haven't even got past Chapter 2. Its not that I'm a Slow Listener, its just that every time I hop into bed & put on my giant Listening Earmuffs that look like the things that people who wave flags at large planes on tarmacs wear , I nod off.
Maybe its the author, Gretchen Rubin's voice. It is sooo Soothingly Authoritative.
As soon as I hear her I know that Gretchen's In Charge & that it is safe to sleep.

Effective Happiness Strategies.
Today I didn't eat any of the Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate Kebabs that girls were selling for Lent's 'Project Compassion' at lunch.
I just photographed them instead.
You may ask, why didn't I eat them?
Because I felt that they would Interfere with My Growing Happiness.
And I was right.

A Poor Player Who Struts Her Stuff Across the Stage.
Also today, the costumes & the set for the Annual School Play arrived.
I am wearing a Roman Centurion's feathered helmet. And behind me are polystyrene Ionic columns & a male torso with its Private Parts thankfully dismembered.
No, its not going to be 'Julius Caesar' or even 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'.
Its 'God, The Play' by Woody Allen.
I never realised until now how empowering it is to wield a Plastic Sabre.

Lastly, briefly glance at my Homemade earrings with Strong Toy Chanel References.
1. The number 5. You know, Chanel No 5.
2. A Quilted Chanel handbag.


Rebecca said...

Dear Calm and Stable, I have read Bits and Pieces of the book. I may have to get the Audio. (But just reading your posts notches me up another Percentage Point or Two. I'd be Off the Charts if I added the Audio!) I sincerely congratulate you on your progress.

The outfit in front of the Columns is stunning - and I've made note of the Toy/Chanel earrings for future and personal Creative Ventures.

To resist the Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate Kebabs proves that you are firmly and most decidedly in your Happiness Groove! Hope you stay there eternally!

janavi said...

This Happiness Project sounds fascinating. Sounds like a great idea.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Janavi - the big day must be v. soon - like tomorrow! Thinking of you & best of luck!

Yes, Rebecca - have a look at the happiness project website & the blog. It might be useful.

janavi said...

Thanks so much!!
Yes, tomorrow, Friday. I'm a wreck.