Monday, March 8, 2010

Live From the Red Carpet.

A New Way of Spelling Boredom.
Tonite I'm a Reluctant Blogger. So don't expect much.
Pourquoi? you may well ask.

It's because I'd Rather be On the Red Carpet at the Oscars with perhaps Ryan Seafoam & Guiliana Rancid. And possibly Joan Rivers, who for my money looks a little bit too much like Tutankamen's Grandmother to be making snarky comments about other people's outfits. Luckily, as I type, its all being recorded. So as soon as I've dashed this off, I can settle back & take in every swish of a Mermaid's Tail with a mixture of Envy, Resentment, Wonder, Bordom & Ennui.
Do you like the New Way I'm spelling Boredom? I think that it really captures the essence of the emotion, don't you? Or is bordom an emotion, I wonder?
It must be. Maybe its Just a Thought.

The Spin Cycle
The picture at the top has Nothing to do with The Red Carpet.
It's me at the Year 12 Retreat that I went on last week for three days & two nites at an Arcadian Destination on the outskirts of Sydney.
I realised during the long rush hour bus ride back into Civilisation on friday afternoon that I felt like I'd been thrown around the Mosh Pit at a Rock Concert with a whole lot of screaming teenage girls continuously for three days. Or maybe I'd been trapped inside a washing mashine on the Spin Cycle for three days.
I longed to spend the weekend in a private room in a Sanatorium where my feet would be rubbed at regular intervals by caring staff who spoke in soft, cooing tones & hand fed me grapes & little corners of camembert.

Sadly, that didn't happen.
Instead, I got up at the usual time on saturday morning, sat in my usual bath with a cup of Twinings 'Afternoon Tea' tea, then met Aunt Jenny at the Faux Organic Markets in the park across the road where we sipped our usual lattes. Then I went for my usual visit to 'BednobsEtc' where I bought a few little items which no doubt you will shortly see. In the late arfternoon I went to my usual 'Body Balance' class at the gym with Aunt Jenny. I spent the evening chomping on my usual Default Dinner, a Tuna salad whilst watching my usual crime show.
And last nite, I hosted my usual First 'Mad Men Series 3' dinner.

During the retreat I indulged in More Middleagedancing.
Luckily, no one seemed to notice.
Perhaps I'm dancing to 'Walk Like an Egyptian Grandmother'.

Back to Faux Reality
And here's me today, back at my usual post in front of the whiteboard. What a relief.
You may in fact be wondering what is going on on The Whiteboard. But I couldn't be bothered telling you. Let's just say its something to do with linking the topic of 'Belonging' to a Brooks Brothers ad.
I am dressed in honour of The Red Carpet. Big Sparkles. Big Dramatic Black & White.
OMG! What would Joan say?
I shudder to think.
Now for The Real Red Carpet.
OMG! I just turned on The Broadcast. It opened with all the nominees for Best Actor/Actress on stage for a Big Clap.
And guess what? I counted at least two who were older than me.
Dame Helen & Meryl!
There's hope for me yet!


Rebecca said...

ABSOLUTELY, there's hope for you! In all seriousness, if there were an award for Best Whiteboard, you would win it annually. In fact you'd be a strong competitor in Middle-Aged Dancing, Wardrobe, and One-Woman Monologues.

You make my day Everytime I read your posts. No bordom here. Ever.

I'll be back hoping for a glimpse of your BednobsEtc bounty!

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Rebecca! Best Whiteboard sounds right up my alley.
Hope you had a great Red Carpet Moment yourself.

see you there! said...

You look to me like you enjoy being with those girls in the first picture. Guess you faked me out!

I ignore the Oscars.


ladyjanewriter said...

I think Meryl and Dame Helen looked absolutely amazing. I think some of the "well vintaged" actresses looked much better than the younger actresses.

I was floored at uncomfy the younger actresses seemed in their dresses. They looked like awkward prom-goers.