Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Stall of Stalls

1. I sooo shouldn't be writing this.
2. It's sunday nite.
3. Its perilously close to my Allotted Bedtime.
4 .I still have twenty-two Year 7 creative writing scripts to mark before tomorrow.
5. I still have a lesson to prepare on 'Bladerunner'/'Frankenstein' for tomorrow morning's 8.30am Senior Class & they claim that they can tell when I don't prepare the lesson.
6. I've spent all day out in the Blazing Sun risking Sunstroke & perhaps Severe Sunburn all in the name of Commerce.
7. But I just had to show you How to Have a Market Stall.
8. My friend, The Ex-School Nurse & I shared the stall .
9. We each had a small department store's worth of clothes to sell.
10. We both love shopping at 'BednobsEtc'.
11. All you do is tip all the clothes onto tables & let Excited Shoppers rummage.
12. We both made a Tidy Sum.
13. That is all I can say right now.
14. Much more tomorrow.