Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ripe for Reliniquishing

Last nite I promptly went to bed at The Appointed Hour & attached my Giant Listening Earmuffs in order to hear more of Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project'.
I'm not sure if I'm the right demographic for Gretchen because:
1. I don't have a doting & malleable husband.
2. I no longer have small children.
3. I dislike hearing anecdotes about The Above.

Perhaps I should make up my own 'Happiness Project', expertly customised for The Middleaged, with absolutely No References to appendages of any sort.
Anyway, I think I got as far as Chapter 2 where Gretchen walked us through a v. severe Wardrobe Editing Process that she undertook at the beginning of her journey as she wanted to make sure she Looked Her Best while she was experimenting with happiness.
I know how she feels.
So do I.

Coincidentally, this coming weekend, I am partaking of my v. own Wardrobe Edit.
Oh, I can't believe the synchronicity! One minute I'm reading about it & the next minute I'm doing it!
Yes, I'm having another Wardrobe Editing Stall at the fabulous Rozelle Markets in Sydney this sunday. Someone, somewhere may recall that I had one last year, almost at the same time.
Like last year, I'm sharing the stall with my friend, The Ex-School Nurse who has an amazing eye & an uncanny ability to snare (or is it, 'ensnare'?) designer labels. And I'm not just saying this because I know she Reads Me.
I have a Medium-Sized Department Store's worth of clothes all stuffed into my spare bedroom that are just desperate to be let out of Limbo & find exciting new wardrobes to live in.

Before I hop in to bed & attach my Giant Listening Earmuffs so I can catch Chapter 3, please note today's Wardrobe Highlights. In fact, all week I've been dragging out clothes that haven't had much of an airing lately to see if they're Ripe for Relinquishing.
Sadly, v. few items, except perhaps a rather unflattering stripy top with a large bow that I wore earlier this week, seemed ripe.
You may be mightily relieved to know that The Blue Ensemble, above is not yet ripe. Even though it was soo bright that a number of students complained of Sore Retinas, I think that it is not yet ready to be set forth into the world just yet.
And certainly NOT my Pink Flamingo Brooch which has got to be one of my all time favourite anythings.


see you there! said...

Keep the blue for sure. Good luck with the stall. Of course there will be opportunities to re-fill the closet there I'm sure. You'll be making room tho.


Rebecca said...

I'm SO relieved to know the blue will not be relinquished! It is quite stunning.

Since you are covering the Middle-Age version of the Happiness Project, I think I might rush to begin on the Old-Age one (while I am still in the youth of old age).

Best of luck in the closet department. Any tips will be eagerly devoured here. I'm sure there will be a Closet Chapter in the O.A. Happiness Project - just as soon as I figure it out.

janavi said...

I love the blue too. Good luck with the stall.
I was wondering where you kept all your clothes- great that you have an extra room.