Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rejection Can Be Fun

I Always Wanted to Be One.
Please read the message above that is being held up by two doves.
It says, 'Successful Candidates'.
Sadly, I wasn't one of those today.

Wrong Imagining.
Let me tell you My Little Tale of Rejection.
With the encouragement of my friend Maud DarkStar, I have been making cards from my artworks. We found a cute little crafty shop called 'Newspaper Taxi' that we both thought was a perfect showcase for them. We paid a few visits to the shop where we chatted up the owner whilst fondling the hand crotcheted Egg Warmers in the shape of hens & the Owl Dolls made from woollen gloves that had a distinctly Furbyesque Feel to them.
Remember the Furby? My daughter had one. If you don't, its not important & certainly won't detract from your appreciation of the Poignancy of my Tale.

Anyway, today was the day when we decided to Showcase my Merchandise.
I imagined that as soon as The Owner caught a glimpse of my freshly minted cards sitting snugly in little cellphone sleeves she'd be foaming at the mouth like a dog with rabies.
What an unfortunate comparison. But I'm not deleting it.
In fact, from now one, I"m going to refer to The Owner as The Rottweiler.
Sadly, none of this happened.

Have You Ever Met Anyone Who 'Has It All'? Perhaps Its You.
I personally can't think of anyone straight off the top of my head.
Perhaps Ellen Degeneres. I was just watching her on 'American Idol', which surprisingly I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been watching as I type. Could you guess that I was watching it?

Anyway, back to What The Rottweiler Did to My Cards.
She flicked through them at the speed of light.
She asked if they were paintings. I said some of them were. Others were collages.
Without a moment's deliberation she said that they were 'Too Arty' for her. Until then, I never realised that being 'arty' was a disadvantage.
Rottweiler suggested that a really naf shop down the road might like them.
I acted like I thought that that was a great idea.
We fondled a few more crotcheted egg warmers & politely left.
I felt glad that we never bought anything.

Ground Level Flying.
Later in the Candle Shop a few shops up, Maud said she felt bad that I was Resoundingly Rejected by Rottweiler as it was her original suggestion that we go to her shop.
I said 'Don't be Silly'. And I meant it. She also complemented me on the Queen Motherly way that I handled the rejection.
I was thrilled.
I knew there was a Pollyanna Moment in there somewhere.


janavi said...

I think your artwork is GREAT & I don't really like that much contemporary art. It sounds like that store is too hokey to appreciate you.
Have you thoght of etsy- might be too much work tho.

ps- I'm leaving on the 26th.

see you there! said...

Love the cards you show here. Since she asked if they were paintings, I wonder if the word "collage" scared her away. There is lots of Copyright issues around collage and some folks are leary of that.