Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Me

Hello & Welcome to Not Me.

Yes, there's not one single photo of me in this post.

It's not because I've become Suddenly Selfless. Or Shy. Or Self-Deprecating.

Oh God, I'm so disappointed that I couldn't think of an 'S' word for Deprecating so I could continue Sybilencing, which is a totally bogus & perhaps wanky word which would mean if it existed, making a series of words beginning with the letter S.

Anyway, here's some photos of People Who Are Not Me. I photographed them on sunday between Sales at the Rozelle Markets. No wonder I was exhausted.

At the top is Michelle. She is young & beautiful. I am not in the least envious or resentful.

She looks miles better than I ever did in that gorgeous sparkly cardigan that was actually given to me by a Kindly Kolleague. When I wore it, I reminded myself of that actress who played Ray's mother in 'Everyone Loves Raymond'. I think her name is Doris Someone.

Here's Kerrie, a young English lass who bought her dress at this v. market.
I do urge all of you to Consider Wearing Orange. Kerrie absolutely glowed in that dress. And I'm sure you would too. She accessorized it with a Fake Flower which you may think has been done to death.
Let me tell you that you simply can't Overdo a Fake Flower. Unless you wear a lot of them at once. And you wouldn't dream of doing that.

More orange. Emma, another English rose, works as a photographer's assistant to a famous Italian photographer whose name escapes me but she assured me that he is v.v. well known. I just loved how all these pretty cazche (a relaxed way of writing 'casual') & ordinary elements - rubber flip flops (Oh, how I long to call them thongs!), striped skirt, porky hat etc. all work together so beautifully. I loved the colour combination of green, white, brown & of course, orange. Perhaps I may go as far as to call it, 'Burnt Orange'.
And there was absolutely no hint of Try Hard which I think sounds the Death Knell to Style.

Diana owns 'Recycled Rags', a well known recycled clothing shop in Sydney's Neutral Bay. I wouldn't go near it with a barge pole because its not junky enough. Everything is in pristine condition & is probably pricey.
Diana immediately caught my eye just as I was selling a v. junky skirt to an excited shopper. I immediately raced over to her & asked if I could take a photo, all the while gushing over what appeared to be maybe an Issey Miyake voluminously pleated dress. I absolutely could not wear anything like that because it would make me look like I'm wearing an oversized curtain.
But Diana looks Fab. I just loved the red beads & the hat.
Red & Black always reminds me of The Devil. But in a good way.


I wish I could remember this stylish American-Australian lady's name. She comes from Hawaii but has lived here for 30 years. So she has one of those Hybrid Accents.
I listened to a long laundry list of where every item she was wearing came from. But I was so interested in waiting to see what word she would pronounce in an Aussie accent next that I forgot to listen to what she was actually saying. But I think that I heard something about 'Galapagos Island', 'Mexico' & 'Fair Trade'.

In my next post, I will show more photos of Me & The Ex-School Nurse hard at work at our stall. Talk about milking it.
Now Tomorrow has arrived, Rebecca.

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see you there! said...

Fun to see the shoppers and vendors. I want that black dress - a lot.