Friday, March 19, 2010

Channelling Mother Teresa

Today I had a number of Slight Irritating Upsets:
1. Annoyance at the Photocopier over Insensitive Science Staff who insist on hogging it.
2. A Mix-up at the School Canteen over my lunch order.
3. Annoying girl who loudly rapped in class while listening to her iPod even though she is not allowed to bring one to school.
4. Overly loud & enthusiastic gym instructress who thinks she has to entertain us while we perform Sun Salutations.

All of this is a pain because I have made a commitment to forgive anyone for anything I think that they might have done to me.
You might think that I am silly. Or perhaps practicing to become more like Mother Teresa who I'm sure will be canonized soon.
But let me assure you, O Reader, that I am doing this for Entirely Selfish Reasons -
to make me feel better.
Better than what, you may well ask.
I'll tell you when I know.
But there's One Person who I'm finding particularly difficult to forgive - The Rottweiler.
If you didn't bother to read my last post, I'll give you an excellent summary:
She is the owner of an EdgyCrafty Shop that specialises in crotcheted egg warmers in the shape of hens. She rejected a range of my cards that I felt Absolutely Certain she would drool over & beg to sell.
Now I've got to forgive her. And I hate her for it.

Existentialism by Nite.
On a much brighter note, behold a birthday gift from MBFF Marge in California. Yesterday I received an enormous load of American Goods - this navy top, I'm guessing is from our favourite mall store, 'Anthropologie'.
I was thrilled. And also thrilled about Reclaiming Navy which I've noticed is v. popular at the Hugo Boss Shop at Bondi Westfield.
As I've said many times in the past, I've had a difficult & conflicted relationship with navy because it was my mother's favourite. She thought a girl looked 'Refined & Nice' (her exact words) in it. And I wanted to look like Joan Jett. Or perhaps Marianne Faithfull.
Navy & Gold. Now that spells an Afternoon at the Polo, doesn't it?
Navy & Shocking Pink. Can't think..... maybe Diana Vreeland? India?

Emanuelle Ungaro Silk Shell Top Above Hung On the Racks at 'BednobsEtc' for Two Weeks & No One Wanted It.
I eventually took pity on it & bought it for five bucks. I have now given it a good home. At least for the time being. See it also two pics down.
Perhaps its a little Mother-of-the-Bridesque. But since I'm nothing if not a Label Whore, I'm willing to wear it anyway.

The Beaded Squid.
More Birthday Gifts from America. But you can hardly see it. Its an amazing necklace featuring a white beaded squid. Its almost, but not quite worth double clicking on the image to get a closer look.


see you there! said...

Cute squid (I clicked!). Love the pink dress. I'm not quite on the navy blue train yet. Navy seems to be showing up everywhere tho.

Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.


Rebecca said...

I clicked and missed the squid. Guess I'll click again. You're doing well with the forgiveness issue. You certainly have a lot to forgive.

You're outfits befit your position in front of the interesting whiteboard (as usual).

Be well. Don't give up on those cards!

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you both Darla & Rebecca. Both of have been so consistently encouraging of me. You have no idea how much I appreciate this!
love Sue

Rebecca said...

I clicked again (at my husband's* guidance--I'd been clicking on the wrong picture) and saw the squid.

*Yes, he is a silent fan of yours,too. I've introduced him to both you and An Affordable Wardrobe.

My "encouragement" is sincere. You are one of the most consistent uniquely creative persons I have come across in blogging. Being a bit sarcastic myself, I enjoy reading "between the lines". (I hope I read somewhat accurately and don't offend you with my responses.)

Della Street Dreaming said...

Your responses Rebecca are always uplifting to me. Thank you! I love the fact that your husband is a 'silent fan'.
I think you most definitely read accurately 'between the lines', which I'm now thinking is a great title for something....