Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally Therapy is Beginning to Pay Off

I've just deleted everything that I've typed.
It was the Only Decent & Adult thing to do.
But In case you were wondering, I was talking about My Arms.
Forget them, I say to Myself.
Its not as if I've spent my entire life enthusiastically working on my backhand, have I?
And just because I now spend a large chunk of the week in Downward Facing Dog doesn't mean that I've got the right to think that they're going to Magically Transform into Serena Williams's Arms, do I ?
Is Serena Williams a good choice for Arm Lust, I wonder? Perhaps her arms are like George Foreman's? I don't know. I must look.

But what I really wanted to say was:
Look at the Perfectly Formed Scrumptious & Magical Little Iced Cake with Dorothy on top which was made by Monniker who is next to me. Me & My Guests merrily shovelled it in during 'Intermission' last night at my 'Mad Men Series 3 Sunday Nite Dinner' last nite.
As I was shovelling, I described the cake as 'Restaurant Quality' which Aunt Jenny said was an insult.

I tried to eat the cake with Gay Abandon.
I'm Not a Prisoner to Obsessive Thoughts about Cakes, am I?
I just won't eat a thing tomorrow. That's what I'll do.
Tomorrow is shown above. I deliberately wore figure hugging clothing to prove that I didn't really believe that I could gain massive kilos overnight just because I ate a slice of cake.
And to prove a point, I brought the leftovers to school & ate another slice at recess. I made everyone else have a slice too.
Even though it Looked Little, The Cake, all white & creamy & buttery fed all up Ten People.
And there was still more left. Kind of a Loaves & Fishes scenario really.
And I ate lunch which was half of Trixie's Chicken Stir Fry with rice. And I had dinner too which was last nite's leftover chicken.
Finally therapy is beginning to pay off.


Rebecca said...

Your cake LOOKED restaurant style to me! But then, I've got a little cake issue going on myself. Instead of baking a b'day cake for last nights celebration for a friend, I found an attractive and adult cake at local supermarket. It was called something like Louisiana Style Creme Pecan Cake. It had a hint of orange in it and was very, very good.

I sent the leftovers home with the Honored Guest and made a personal pledge that TODAY would be the first of 14 days of Strict Vegetable and Fruit dieting for me.

Propelled by your Successful Therapy, Bare Arms, and Honest Word Saga, I THINK I am prepared for the next 2 weeks of Due Diligence.

The blue top in your second photo is MOST attractive and the yellow(?) shoes, too!

Keep up your cheerfulness. I hope it is Catching!

see you there! said...

You did save me a piece of cake didn't you? It is the best kind, the kind I eat only with my eyes.


Della Street Dreaming said...

14 days of Strict Vegetables! What a pledge! Good luck with it & let me know how it goes, Rebecca.
Darla - I love the concept of Eating with Your Eyes. I must try that today.

Rebecca said...

Sadly, 14 tortilla chips have ALREADY crept in to sabotage my Strict Vegetable and Fruit Diet. And it's just Day 1!

I SHALL not be dismayed. Tomorrow is Another Day.