Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ear Chandeliers

It's sunday night. I've just eaten a couple of v. unsatisfactory supposedly organic sausages & some roasted vegetables. Now I'm Multi-Tasking.
Yes, I'm sitting huddled in front of a little two-bar radiator typing. I'm also waiting.  That's two tasks.
 Perhaps most people would not consider waiting to be an task. I beg to differ. 
And maybe  you're wondering what I am waiting for. I'm waiting for the next episode of Agatha Christie's 'Miss Marple' to begin on TV.
Ever since I gave up reading Enid Blyton, I have been obsessed with Agatha's Great Detectives - Hercule Poirot & to a lesser extent, Miss Marple. There's something incredibly comforting & cozy about people being murdered in the library of a large English Country House with a whole gaggle of  dysfunctional weekend house guests as suspects. And I just love getting whipped up into a frenzy by all the Red Herrings that Agatha generously throws about.
The other thing is that I can never guess who the murderer is. Even if I've read the book or seen the episode before. More than once.  It's a little favour that my Mind does for me so I'm Always  in Suspense. What a great way to live.
Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a Blog Post about Me & Miss Marple. So, I'm not going to say any more about it because I'm In Charge.

This post is supposed to be about Me & My Ear Chandeliers.  I bought them quite recently at my favourite Cheap Jewel Shop in the Mall, 'Diva'.  They were only seven bucks. I have a rule when buying from 'Diva': I only buy stuff when it's Significantly On Sale. It's another way of achieving Abundance Through Frugality.
Anyway, as you can imagine, the Ear Chandeliers attract quite a lot of attention, which of course is something that I crave. But I'm not quite sure if it's really the Right Kind. Instead of saying something like, 'Oh, I just Love your Earrings', people can't help saying, 'Aren't your ears sore?' 
I always instantly snap, 'NO'.  And I'm not lying. Maybe my ears have become De-Sensitized from years of  carrying heavy weights. What a shame that the rest of me hasn't followed suit. I would just soooo love to sail through life Not Feeling a Thing, instead of being constantly gripped by some awful thought. 
Back to the Ear Chandeliers. 
On saturday I wore them to 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' Thrift Shop. 
When I walked in, Cherie, The Cheerful Assistant, took one look at them & said:
'You know, your ears remind me of my Great Grandmother Sibyl's Ears, who died three days short of her 100th birthday. She wore v. heavy gold earrings all her life & by the time she died, the holes in her lobes were the size of Large Peas.'
It's great to know that I've got 100 year-old Ear Lobes.


Trixie Drew said...

yes but you look good!

Mervat said...
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Mervat said...

Earlobes with attitude!

Do you give me permission to post one of your outfits from the jacket challenge on my blog? Also, if you have a preference for one, please let me know.

see you there! said...

Statement earrings!


Sheila said...

I love the chandeliers! They are marvelous.

My grandma J had long ear lobes from her earrings. I am careful not to wear ones that are too heavy.

janavi said...

If your earlobes get too stretched out I believe u can have them fixed these days- so not to worry!!

Della Street Dreaming said...

Mervat - I just saw this comment, days late. I've had the flu. Please take what you'd like!
thanks so much

Rebecca said...

Oh, my! I'm so glad I visted Della Street - or is that your name, Della Street? This post had me tearing up from laughing. (If it's any consolation, it looks as though your earring holes have a ways to go before reaching the proportions of Aunt Sybil's.)