Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Slightly Rotting Bruno Magli Shoe Collection

I imagine that there are many people out there who find the idea of wearing Someone Elses Shoes Simply Disgusting. Particularly if that Someone Else is now Dead.
If I thought about it for too long, like longer than it would take me to write this Blog Post, I may well be One of Those People. 
Fortunately, I am not going to allow myself to think about it. I am not going to imagine my Dear Little Foot snugly squeezing into a shoe which contains the imprint of another foot & perhaps some of their residue sweat as well. 
It's probably a Bit Late to be all of a sudden Queasy about it as I've been wearing what might be described as 'Dead Shoes' for years. 
And I haven't had a Hint of Gangrene. All of my toes are intact. And there's no sign of infection either.
Now that we've got that Settled, I must tell you about Me & Bruno Magli.
In case you don't know anything, Bruno Magli is an Italian Upscale Shoe Brand that were heavily featured in the OJ Simpson trial. Magli's 'Lorenzo' men's shoe was somehow linked to the killer but OJ denied ever owning a pair & even called them 'bad ass' even though there was definite photographic evidence of him wearing a pair at a football match.
Anyway, I'm suddenly finding pairs of Maglis at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks', my Magical Thrift Shop which I'm sure has got nothing to do with OJ. I imagine that there's this One Wealthy Elderly Tasteful Woman who's finally decided to clean out her closet that's bulging at the seams with Slightly Rotting Elderly Maglis. You can see the Slight Rottingness in the close up of the buckle, above.
But maybe she's Dead & her relatives are donating them.

I've been hoarding My Maglis next to my desk in the Staffroom so that every now & then I can look down & admire them. I find it comforting. Not to mention the great Sense of Accomplishment I gain from having a Slightly Rotting Magli Collection.

I'm even allowing myself to wear Dangerously High Heeled Maglis as you can see in the Slightly Slutty look from yesterday, below. I was teetering around like one of those Tragic Slurry Cheap Champagne Slurping Horserace Goers. Trixie Drew said that the whole thing was becoming Silly & not to mention, Dangerous, as it was raining & I could have easily slipped down our hazardous overcrowded stairs on my way to the Classroom & then I would have had to sue the school as well as have a Knee Reconstruction.
One last word on my Slight Sluttiness. The whole outfit - from the 'Scanlan & Theodore' dress that is so tight that I look like I've been sewn into it like Marilyn the night she sang 'Happy Birthday Mr. President', to the Slightly Stained 'Calvin Klein' jacket, to the 'Tie Rack' faux Burberry Scarf & to, of course, the  Majestic Maglis, is from 'Bednobs'.


see you there! said...

You are too funny. My feet Must Be Comfortable so I'm pretty picky about shoes. I do like that jacket tho. Good shopping I'd say.


Sheila said...

I love that outfit! You look amazing.

I really don't care about used shoes, as long as they are in pretty good condition.

elena-lu said...

im a slow convert to the thrifted shoe! i was as you described but dang i was missing out on so many beauties that now im giving it a go -of course as irony has it i havent found a single darn thing in my size! whats the deal?!
you look beautiful in this outfit! tight fitting rarr! not slutty!!

Mervat said...

I love this look. That jacket is gorgeous and those fabulous Magli's are to die for...maybe the previous owner did just that!

Hannah Rose said...

this outfit is really cool! i never cared about thrift shoes!! id say 80% of my shoes are thrifted and i dont really care if some one died in them or gave them up cos they didnt fit or were uncomfertable (SP??) or whatever!! if i really sat down and thought about it id have to throw out most of my shoes!! and wardrobe if i really get into the whole oh my god some one else wore this thing!!

love your style!!



janavi said...

Very amusing post- my Grandmother always told me not to wear other people's shoes, so I have yet to buy a thrifted pair, but I have looked.