Monday, June 15, 2009


I was never a fan of 'Dynasty'. In fact, I don't ever remember watching an episode. And I thought that the outfits, even back then when I was a fan of wearing clothes with aeronautically-engineered shoulder pads that made me look like an American Football Player, were Puky.
Yes, that's right, Puky. Or I would rather spell it Pewkey. 
Look at Linda Evans & Joan Collins in the picture above. As my Poor Dead Mother would say, 'I've seen worse, but I don't remember when'.
Apparently Joan is completely Bald & has been for many many years. She was bald back in the photo. According to some Spiteful Ex-Friend, Joan was v. nasty to her hair & tortured it mercilessly, so it fell out as an act of revenge. 
Now look at the photo below. It was taken on friday evening at Sporting Martin's 60th Birthday Bash. 
You can see him in the background on the left holding on to his forehead in disbelief that he's actually That Old. But he looks Pretty Damn Good which I won't go into because my friend Maud, his wife, thinks I go on far too much about his looks. 
I'll stay on Safer Ground by trying to link Joan & Linda, or should I say, Krystle & Alexis to Anna & Me.
First of all, there is absolutely No Connection Whatsoever between  JoanAlexisLindaKrystle & Anna, who's next to me looking Stylish & Chic in black. 
But sadly, I'm unwittingly channelling LindaKrystle in my huge shoulder-padded eighties 'Spinelli' Italian wool knit dress. I was soooo excited when I found it at 'Bednobs & Broomsticks' thrift shop & didn't care one bit that there was an unslightly stain at the front & a few moth holes. I quickly whisked it off to Seedy Roberto, the Alterations Man conveniently located in a seedy lane at the back of my apartment building & he removed the stain by shortening the dress. I just loved the what I saw as Gorgeous Grecian style pleating which draped my body so beautifully & decided to leave in what I thought were quite modest shoulder pads.

I didn't realise that I'd look like a Poor Woman's Krystle. Or maybe a huge block of Honeycomb. Or a bumble bee with pleats & without the black stripes. 

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