Saturday, June 6, 2009

Onion Woman

I'm in Canberra, Our Nation's Capital, visiting my daughter, Billie-Mae & her partner Russell over our Long Weekend. 
You may wonder why we have a Long Weekend in June. It is because we still celebrate the Queen's Birthday even though we should be a Republic & it's not even Her birthday this weekend. As I type, I can hear the sound of Firecrackers going off in celebration. 
Anyway, I was thrilled to have some Time Off because I felt that if I had to stand in front of that Whiteboard for one more minute, I'd Explode.

Canberra does Winter much more than Sydney does, so I took the opportunity to kind of Rug Up. I'm wearing a thrifted coat with a Missing Button in a Prominent Place that I've spent quite some time thinking about which was slightly disturbing. Should I try & replace it with a different button, or just wear it anyway? 
You can guess what I ended up doing.

But I'm just dying to rip it off & expose a probably Way Too Young Tartan dress that I had just bought in The Mall at 'Cotton On', on sale for twenty dollars.

And here it is. A bit of an anti-climax really. Particularly as you can see more of My Toy Chanel Bag than you can of the Actual Dress. 
In fact, if you look closely you can see that I'm wearing three layers. Four, if you count my 'Always Dressed for Yoga' footless tights & black 'Bonds' singlet worn underneath.
Layer No. 2 is a British Dowager Dressed for Pruning Roses knitted Navy ensemble - a skirt & sweater which always is dying to be worn with a String of Pearls. 
Layer No 3 is the Slightly Too Young Tartan dress worn with a black pashmina & a fish pendant that was found at a garage sale in Thousand Oaks California.
Layer 4 - Coat with Prominent Missing Button.
So Call Me Onion Woman.
Reminder to Self: toss the Toy Chanel Bag. I've moved on.


Sheila said...

Happy Queen's Birthday! We still celebrate that here (Victoria Day, Queen Victoria's birthday, is around the 24th of May).

I like the plaid dress - I think every wardrobe needs one! It's not too young for you - what happened to Slightly Slutty?

Della Street Dreaming said...

Good Question, Sheila! Slightly Slutty will resume next week when I return to Normal Life.