Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OMG Not Pig Flu!

Today, fresh from the Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, all anyone had to say  in the Staffroom was, 'OMG Pig Flu!'
Note the Pig in the Food Photo above, taken on Sunday evening at my weekly 'True Blood' dinner. How's that for tying everything neatly together? 
Staffroom/Pigs/Weekly Dinner/Pig Flu. And for once the text & the accompanying photo Almost, but not Quite, Match.
And the contents of the photo all neatly tie in together too: I put bacon in the Sad Little Shrunken Meatloaf featured in the foreground & everyone bought food in the same Bacon Tonings which sent Black & White, the poodles seen below, into a frenzy. They spent the entire night frantically pacing the ground underneath the dining table & sniffing like I imagine Specially Trained Gastronomique Dogs do when hunting Truffles.
By the way, I could never eat a Truffle because they are way too Rare & Expensive & the whole experience would be wasted because I would be thinking of the cost, not the taste.

Back to the Staffroom.
Today, Aunt Neddy had an Uncharacteristic Day Off which led people to start talking Pig Flu. And then, my neighbour in the staffroom, Libina, expressed concern that her daughter who is say, eleven, has got Pig Flu symptoms which sounded v. like Ordinary Flu Symptoms to me. And now I'm feeling a little choked up , or is it clogged up? 
I've just taken two 'Disprin' , a brand of aspirin fed to me constantly by my mother when I was a child which is now my v. favourite Drug of Choice. 
So here's hoping I don't have it.


see you there! said...

I like your little piggy sitting among the various bacon enriched foods. Be sure to read what I wrote concerning bacon under your Brussel sprouts post.

Hope you feel better.


rabespierre said...

the pig sniffing the meatloaf is one of my favorite pictures ever.