Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thinking Like God

I'm going to a Sixtieth Birthday Drinks Party tomorrow night. And it's not even an Elderly Relative. In fact, its a friend who I've always thought was a contemporary of mine.
 I'm appalled. 
Yes, Sporting Martin is turning sixty. 
The only consolation is that he doesn't look it.
But I'm not going to Bang On about Age Yet Again. Oh no.

Instead, I'm going to show off the Birthday Card I made for Sporting Martin. It's a photo I took some time back featuring the body of Clark Kent that I found in a 'Happy Meal' back in the days when my daughter was old enough to eat them &  a scary rubber head that's supposed to go on the end of a pencil. 
Originally, the caption on the photo inquired,  'Are You As Clean As You Think You Are?' 
I never thought it quite worked & it certainly didn't seem right to ask that question of a person about to turn sixty. Luckily, I came across Einstein's desire to think like God whilst listening to one of Oprah's Podcasts only just last night. 
Talk about synchronicity!


see you there! said...

Great card. Have fun at the party.


Della Street Dreaming said...

thanks Darla!

MitzyG said...

I am loving your blog! Why are women our age so terribly under-represented online? It's not like we don't know how to use computers, most of us.
Anyway, I think you are incredibly stylish.
I was also wondering where you find such fabulous leggings? SOme of them seem so thick? I am originally from the US and haven't quite gotten the hang of where to shop here in Australia, yet.
After I got here I lost about 45 k so I am still transitioning from "fat" clothes to more regular sized ones (in some cases).
Thanks and keep blogging, please.

Della Street Dreaming said...

Thank you MitzyG!
1.You have given me inspiration to write a blog post on Age (my favourite Topic)!
2. Leggings. Lately I've just been wearing footless tights with sox (if I'm wearing boots). I always try & get the cheapest, which is why I love shopping at 'Best & Less'. I don;t know if one is near you. Also 'Target'. I shop at Bondi Junction in Sydney a lot & there's loads of leggings there!
Hope you like living in Australia.