Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Never Want to Look Like an Old Iron Lady

One of my many Obsessions/Hobbies/Pastimes is Sleep.
Before I hit A Certain Age, I took sleep for granted. No big deal. Anybody could do it.
And I thought it was a Waste of Time as well.  Margaret Thatcher, pictured looking v. Self Satisfied above, famously trumpeted that she only needed four hours sleep a night. 
And doesn't she look it?
Anyway, a few years ago Sleep Became a Challenge. 
I couldn't get to sleep. And when I did, I'd wake up at 3am. And couldn't get back to sleep. 
And I began to dread going to bed. 
But now things have Slightly Changed.

Look at me in the photo below taken today in a Toy Tiara & a Muppet Stole.
Do I look sleep deprived?
I Don't Think So.
I don't look a thing like Margaret Thatcher.
Nowadays, I am getting more than six hours a night which is due in part to my new V. Early 9.30 pm Bedtime. 

Sadly, I can't write any more because it's now 9.31 & I'm already One Minute Late.
Hope you like my All Completely Thrifted Outfits including Footwear.


Mervat said...

Love all the outfits. Nighty night!

Sheila said...

You look nothing like the Iron Lady.

I love the use of Muppets. Ha!