Monday, June 22, 2009


I was reading a post from Elena-Lu where she was extolling the virtues of wearing brooches.
One of the many many things that I Suffer From is 'Metooism'.
So, you think you've got a cool brooch collection, what until you see mine. That's how I think.
As soon as I read her post, I ran to the section of my wardrobe which houses The Brooch Collection & frantically chose one.
Although I've had it for years, I've hardly ever worn it. There's two reasons for this:
First, I'm like a Squirrel or perhaps a Chipmunk who likes to hoard Acorns in a cozy little bolt hole inside a tree.
I like to be secure in the knowledge that there's a little treasure trove of unworn stuff in my wardrobe Just in Case.
You might wonder, Just in Case What?'
I'm not quite sure.

Second, I forgot about it.
Third, it was given to me by a ruthless ex-colleague some years ago who I think had ransacked the contents of a Recently Deceased Neighbour's house & found the brooch in a drawer inside the original box that it came in along with a yellowing card that said, 'Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day, love Beryl'.
It was obvious that dear old Mum had been saving the brooch for some Special Occasion that Never Came Along. And so she died without ever wearing it.
There's a Lesson in This for all of us. But I'm not sure what it is.


Sheila said...

It's "Always Wear Your Cool Stuff Before You Die And Someone Else Wears It."

I also suffer from me-too-ism.

elena-lu said...

haha well you done beat me there missy! you got yourself a gogreous brooch! im loving that everyone is busted out there brooches!! woot! but i suffer from METOOism myself! since my post came from reading MissRedLips blog where she had a post on brooches! heehee yeah we all suffer from it im sure! due and sheila got a point nodoubt! always wear your cool stuff cause um yeah we're all pretty much not gonna take it with us!

Mervat said...

Please let me know which was your favourite jacket-look as I would like to do a post about the challenge on my blog.

PS Mine was the black, white, red.