Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Absolut Bedtime

I have exactly five minutes to write this blog entry. And I'm not correcting any mistakeks.
Like for instance, the image aboe. I had Absolutely No Intention of including this in tonite's entry. It just decided it for itself.
It is a Recent Painting. I hope you like it. I love painting/collaging Really really nasty schoolgirls who are shameless bullies & snivelling victims. They are interchangable roles that I am quite comfortable playing.

I have Much More to report. But with two minutes left......
Rebecca kindly asked to see what I was wearing the other day. So here's half of it if you can be bothered scrolling down that far.. I can't believe I wore all those necklaces at once & no one suggested that I take at least one off. People are Kind.

It is now Absolut Bedtime. But I don't want to go. Instead, I want to tell you about how hot & excited I am.
Hot - because I've just been out in the hot street, paying a lightening visit to Paul, who lives about two hundred metres down the road. He called me & announced that he had a whole lot of 'Vanity Fairs' that he wanted to get rid of & would I come & get them. Like a shot, I was out the door, even though it was was way past nine pm. I wheeled my Elderly Shopping Trolley down the road, wheels squeaking all the way. Then, in a lather of sweat, I wheeled the trolley, full of mags back up the street praying that one of the wheels wouldn't fall off.
Talk about Life on the Edge.
I can't wait to get into bed & start furiously flicking through them.


Rebecca said...

I'm Very Impressed with the painting/collage (?) You are gifted in many, many ways.

Thanks for the Front View. Well, Half of It, at least.

People ARE kind. And I want to be Kind-er, too.

In a future post, how about a typical outfit appropriate to wheeling an Elderly Shoppping Trolley down the road? Please include a picture of said Trolley. I'd like to compare it with the Visual Image I have in my head.

janavi said...

No such thing as too many necklaces. Remember Nancy Cunard & her bracelets??

Della Street Dreaming said...

thank you Rebecca. It is now morning & is Absolut Getting Ready Time. So I have to rush. Yes, thank you for mentioning the Trolley. I will take a snap of it when I come home from school this afternoon.

Oh, Janavi - I forgot about Nancy, who has always been an inspiration to me.