Monday, February 22, 2010

Gasping for Air

I'm gasping for air. And I've a Perfect Right to.
Honestly, I feel like I've been transported to a movie where everyone is all hot & steamy & sweating. Like perhaps 'Streetcar Named Desire'. But I can't decide what character I'd be because I don't like any of them. Definitely NOt Blanche. Although I do like her name. Blanche Du Bois. It is soo much more romantic & lyrical than Middleagedteacher.

I just checked iGoogle's Weather Vane & it told me that it was 29 degrees celsius.
And its almost my bedtime.
Panic has just set in.
The Gasping Girls in my painting above that I completely renovated this past weekend are all more or less panicking. But certainly not over the weather. No, they have more Existential Concerns, shall we say.

I'm now trying to think of other movies where Everyone Sweated. And in fact I've just come up with a new genre of film - 'Sweating Movies'.
Humphrey Bogart sweated his way through a whole load of films, I'm sure. Wasn't there one with Lauren Bacall that featured overhead fans & Sydney Greenstreet looking oily wearing a white linen suit like they used to wear in the tropics & sucking on a cigar?
And then of course there was 'The African Queen' where Bogie sweated all over Prim Kate Hepburn. She didn't like it at first, but then of course did at the end.

I will now hop into bed. I hope I won't drown.


Rebecca said...

Darla, the painting is fascinating and VERY well done! Naturally, I'm curious about the Existential Concerns. Was it obvious in the painting and I overlooked it?

Sorry about your heat wave. Wishing there was a way to ship some in to Northwest Indiana!

I'm not a huge movie buff, but I have a vague recollection of one where slaves/servants pulled on ropes attached to banana-leaf-like fans a'swinging overhead while guests dined at a sumptuous table below.....

see you there! said...

I think they all gasped when they discovered they were wearing the same jacket, LOL!

Love your art.


Della Street Dreaming said...

Rebecca - I am intrigued with your description of the slaves/banana leaf fans. Perhaps Ben Hur? I must consult my film buff colleagues at school. Have a great day. I have survived the shockingly hot night!
Darla - I know that I'm a Literalist, but they are all wearing School Uniforms. the blazer is part of the deal

Blogging Babe said...

Crocodile tears MAT-I have little sympathy for all your sweating and simmering! With 49 of the 50 states getting snow(only Hawaii spared), we've just come out of a "mini-freeze" in "Hotlanta"(Atlanta-the Sultry South!)where we've been snowed under and had our pipes freeze and bust on us-the coldest weather recorded in over a century-and setting all kinds of records still...but we've just started to thaw out in balmy 50's and 60's which beats the 'teens, 20's and 30's!

Blogging Babe said...

oh, I spoke way too's back to freezing our asses off again :(